Hap Hazzard (Game)

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This game is dedicated to anyone who's ever watched Buck Rogers on 3 tabs of acid.


Quick controls:

Arrow Keys - Move
SHIFT - Attack, Use Weapon
CTRL - Jump
Space -Pick up/Drop Weapon
X -Block
Z - Special Attack

Minimum Specs - 500 Mhz (if lag gets really bad, hit Esc and set Options to Low quality.)

Combos - To do a combo attack, you have to tap Shift at the end of each attack animation. It should go Jab, Hook, Double kidney punch, Groin kick. It's a little tricky, but if you pull it off, you're Rage stat goes up, and you can perform ever more sadistic special attacks.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Windows 2000 users may get a little glitch with Sticky Keys when they try Attack combos. If the Sticky Keys message pops up, you'll have to do the following:
1) click on Settings.
2) Where it says Sticky Keys, you'll see another Settings button. Click on that, and then uncheck the box that says "Use Sticky Keys shortcut."

Sorry about this weird hassle, guys. I'm working on overhauling the entire cotrols system. Thanks for all the votes and great comments.



for all you people who are talking shit about this game, id LOVE to see you do better. No need to say shit like that when you dont even know what your talking about. The graphics are nice but the controls arent so great. this could bea great game if you adjust the controls a bit and work on it. So i think you should try to remake it. good luck


Graphically that was ok - but the controls are all screwed - this message popped up but because I'm using a non-English OS I had no idea what it said - it kept coming up and when the character died and came back the controls stopped working altogether.

Wouldn't be so lame if the bugs were worked out and the control scheme wasn't so... all over the place.

worst thing i ever played

this is worst game on ng

this game blew balls

I thought it would be fun until I reralized this game sux nuts. he wouldn't stop punching you have to change things in your computer which is a hassle and by the time you do this your dead. in the end this game blows.

that sucked dick

honestly that was one of the worst games ive played on newgrounds, it was slow even tho i have a fast cpu, it was way too easy until the boss then its too hard...i got cornered and there was nothing i could do, it takes to long to attack or block so he just hits me over and over, it just all around sucked

the way i think you could make it better is...trash it and make a diffrent game

why would you play a game this crappy when you can download better ones anyway

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2003
3:36 PM EST
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