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Drone Master

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Author Comments

Alpha 0.20 released!

Early build of the game, 11 levels available! 

Last one is presenting challenge of mid-end game difficulty, so be ware!

If you have performance issues in web version - disable dynamic shadows in options. Game runs much faster on windows.

Looking for feedback on physics and drone controls, around 20-30 minutes to beat - not counting last level though ;)

Your goal is to reach the end landing zone as quickly as possible. Can you get gold on all the levels?

Try to fly the drone with disabled auto-balancer (toggle with 1), it's harder but gives more freedom!


WSAD / Arrow keys - Control drone

F / Z - Start engine

E / X - Change legs to crane and vice versa

I / K - Pull and extend rope when crane is active

Space / C - Grab objects with crane

1 - Toggle autobalancer

ESC - Pause the game

Enter - Restart current level

Gamepad controls:

Left Analog - Control Drone

Left Trigger - Decrease throttle

Right Trigger -  Increase throttle 

Triangle - Start Engines

Circle - change legs to crane and vice versa

Right Analog Up / Down - pull and extend rope when crane is active

Cross - Grab objects with crane

Select - Restart current level

Start - Pause the game

Alpha 0.20

  • Added SFX and Music - 3 songs
  • Added HUD showing health, damage, and autobalancer status
  • Revolutionized flying physics. Drone feels more responsive now and it's easier to control.
  • Fixed bug where damage from hitting environment would be doubled in random situations
  • Many other minor bug fixes

Alpha 0.19

  • Added ghosts - now when you replay level ghost of your best time will be flying behind
  • Added remapping keys options - was real pain in the a** to do, but I think I nailed it. Game should now be able to detect any gamepad that windows detects - just go to controls and remap it. Same for keyboard.
  • No longer need to start engine at the beginning of each level. Timer will start as soon as input from player is detected
  • Fixed bug where player could stick drone to wall when hitting it at low speed while drone was sideways
  • Added restart level and quit game options to pause menu
  • Huge performance improvements for dynamic shadows! (200-500%) depending on PC ^^ (specially windows version, leave dynamic shadows off for playing in browser)

Alpha 0.18

  • Added 3 new levels!
  • Reworked all previous levels to add lights
  • Added dynamic lighting and shadows! (still experimental - can be turned off in options if you experience performance issues). Works better on windows version.
  • Added normal mapping to environment and drone
  • Added new enemy type and 5 variations - Rolling Laser
  • Fixed memory leak when restarting the level
  • Fixed bug where rope pulling speed was smaller than expected in random situations.

Alpha 0.17:

New Features:

  • added possibility to manually extend and pull the rope with I and K keys, or right analog on gamepad.
  • added 3 new levels (previous level 5 is now level 8, so if you completed it before, check out 5 again ;) )


  • changed trophy times to be slightly easier to get
  • increased max rotation angle when using auto - balancer from 30 to 35
  • increased drone power from 1.8 to 2.0
  • increased drone rotation speed from 1.6 to 1.8
  • increased speed of rope engine from 1.5 to 1.7

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed bug where crane could go through player while rope was pulled back automatically
  • fixed bug where pause didn't work on controller in windows build
  • fixed bug with throttle not working correctly when using gamepad in web build

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this shits fucin epic

y4n3kPL responds:

Hi Mate,
Thank you so much! I'm really happy you liked it!

Seems great. Sort of reminds me of Gravity Defied and other bike games.

y4n3kPL responds:

Thanks mate! Look forward for updates, I have many things coming up ;)

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2022
3:54 PM EDT