An Introduction to Go

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You've seen it in "A Beautiful Mind." You've seen it in "Pi." Now learn how to play the ancient Chinese board game Go. It's a stellar blend of shadow and light, stone and wood, attack and defense. Take this cartoon tour through the world of Go and get hooked! Comes complete with abundant Internet links for more exploration and fun.

Going through the whole program should take about 20 minutes. Please note that you can't actually play Go with this program -- writing ActionScript capable of playing Go would be extremely advanced, and I'm just not there yet. But there are many links within to websites where you can play.

Comments and feedback are welcome, but to be honest, I sorta quit caring what the people here thought when my last movie got such mediocre reviews. Still, if you like this, you should check out my other stuff.

Thanks to everyone who gives up the props!

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Thank you

I have actually looked for a simple introduction to this game and this one is perfect, the humor helped hold my memory in place. Since my chess club has started to occasionally indulge in this game I have found myself at a disadvantage, none of them taught me the basics adiquately, now I feel I am ready to at least attempt a game.

You Rule, Man!

This is a GREAT flash! The humor is real good too. This has helped me out alot, and thanks big time for the links!


Extremely helpful.

This got me hooked on Go. It is long and boring, but I realize that it HAS to be. I think that you should make another that goes into handicaps and the rating system. And throw in some more complicated patterns and strategies. That would rock.

Expecting more

Very nice shit you mader here! keep up the shit. Just read more turourials on flash, view more movies, to get a wider crreating line. anyways, good shit

i wounder

going though you game i was think were you got started with go l5r was were i got in to it

nice job tying to make go simple "oo wait it already is" and your flash reminds me of the instution books my game came with "word for word almost" so thank u for your vain try's to spread go i'll bet everyone will see this flash cause i saw it though random potal. also next time dont have a token black person make a white joke.

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Feb 22, 2003
1:57 AM EST
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