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Author Comments

Collect the trash to save the ocean!


W - UP




Coding: Fizzy

Pixel Art: Fizzy

Sound Design: Fizzy

Title Art: Grimmzly

Go check out Grimmzly here!


Check out the Game Jam release here!


Thanks to the organizers of the Godot Wild Jam, it was great fun, and it was a great test to see if I could make a game in such a short time as a fairly new developer!

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simple yet effective had a great time playing this

I'm not the biggest fan of collector games and this one isn't exempt from that opinion. Bland graphics aside, the game itself is surprisingly hard, and I'm not sure it's designed to be so difficult. As others have mentioned, the controls don't gel well with the hitboxes of the spikes, and it wouldn't be as much of a problem as it is if the trash didn't reset as soon as you respawn. It's really annoying, and the game would be much more tolerable if it didn't. That all being said, I do like the music, and it's clear that you have an interest in making games. With each game you'll only get better, so I encourage that you go on to do more complex projects.

FizzyLemon responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I have been trying new approaches to creating actually decent visuals, I'm not the most arty person, but I'm sure a bit more practice will help with that, as for the collisions, when I decided to upload it to newgrounds, I revisited the game for myself and I could notice how bad the collisions really were. It's definitely something that needs to be worked on in future games. Thanks for the feedback!

There is an absurd amount of desync between the hit boxes. I get reset sometimes when I'm half a sub's length away from a spike. I do like the visuals on the sub, though the rest of the visuals are rather bland.

FizzyLemon responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm pretty new to this whole thing, so everything helps. I'll keep this in mind on future projects, thanks!

Nice music, though it gets a bit repetitive and I think it may be a bit weirdly mixed. (It only played from my right earphone, but that may just be my hardware problem, it seems to be originating from one place in the level, so it is sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left).

Controls are a bit slippery but if that's intentional, so be it. Hitboxes are also a little weird.

FizzyLemon responds:

The mixing wasn't a problem in editor, but I did notice it when I ran the game on here, so maybe something went wrong during export, thanks for the feedback, I'll see if I can fix it!

i raged at this game and i hate to admit that, still good though except for the random missing block on level (3?)

FizzyLemon responds:

I remember when I made this there was an issue with the collision detection on the spikes, I had no idea how to fix it back then. I might go back and fix it at some point. Thanks for the feedback!

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2022
4:55 PM EDT