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Reel Deep

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Off the hook 5 Points

Return to the surface without a single item

Harder than it looks 5 Points

Return to the surface with only a single rock

Getting Schooled 25 Points

Get chased by seven fish at once

Not on Porpoise 10 Points

Return 100 fish to the surface

Big Dive 10 Points

Return over 250 gold worth of items in a single dive

Halfway There 25 Points

Dive to 500m and return with at least one item

Collector 25 Points

Collect one of every type of item and fish

Loaded Hook 50 Points

Return to the surface with 21 items in a single dive

Hard Mode 50 Points

Reach the bottom with any three upgrades disabled

Gold Digger 50 Points

Retrieve the treasure chest

Gold Sniper 100 Points

Return to the surface with ONLY the treasure chest

Bragging Rights 100 Points

Unlock all medals. Reward: golden hook

Author Comments

How to Play:

On the way down your hook will collect everything it touches. Once the hook is full, you start going back up! On the way up, anything you touch will knock something off! Whatever makes it with you to the top will be sold. Use the money to buy upgrades in the shop and go Reel Deep! You win the game by retrieving the treasure chest at the bottom of the sea.


  • Mouse to navigate menus
  • Arrows | WASD to move
  • Space to use repellent (must purchase first)
  • R to abandon a run


  • The deeper you go, the harder it is to come back up with your loot! Buy some upgrades before going too deep
  • Fish only start chasing you if you're in front of them
  • Your progress is saved! Come back later if you need a break
  • The clownfish are from Dark Souls


Update 1.2:

  • Added an options menu for volume, fullscreen, and reset
  • "Getting Schooled" medal now requires seven fish instead of ten. To all the players who managed to get the medal before: you get extra bragging rights
  • Selling fish, rocks, and treasure is now much faster
  • You can now abandon a run by pressing R

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say no more, 5 star for gold hook.

Pretty cool game! Delivers some nice addictive arcadey fun and certainly has an interesting take on the fishing game with the inclusion of having to get your rewards all the way back up: usually all you need to worry is hooking good stuff in the first place. Adds a whole element of risk/reward to the process that I both loved and...hated, haha. While the game could be frustratingly difficult at times, the upgrade process and the fact that the game is so juicy (such as the great impact from hooking things) made it quite addictive and have a professional feel to it all. The only thing missing would be a bit more of a guide to the game: I had no idea there was a treasure chest as an end goal, for example (though I did feel naturally inclined to go deeper because of the record markers, though that might've led me to go too deep too early).

I gotta say though, that as much as I loved this game in theory, I found it incredibly frustrating and just plain annoying to play at times, especially at the beginning. As much as I think the whole reeling up sequence is interesting, the frustration from losing your already gathered loot was palpable and made me want to rage quit constantly. It was just so annoying how incredibly aggressive fish could be once they get the slightest whiff and how the only way to reel up faster is to put yourself at the edge of the screen where you easily get hit by enemies you can't react to in time (so what's the damn point). Eventually by sticking with it and getting upgrades it became a bit easier to deal with, but I could easily see me and maybe others not willing to put up with that initial annoyance.

Maybe something can be done to help bad first impressions like that from happening: for example, I felt compelled to try and go deep for better rewards, but maybe the game should to guide you away from that until you get upgraded somehow with like a story or missions or something. Also maybe the game shouldn't change the speed based on your position on the screen so you can feel free to use the whole real estate without screwing yourself. It was also a bit annoying that you could contend with obstacles that weren't in your way on the way down during your return trip (felt annoyed that I passed a coin on the way up that I didn't on the way down). You could also get rid of the whole aspect of having to take everything back up and potentially lose it, but I guess that would hurt the core identity of this game too much.

Hell yeah, i love me some arcade games. Thanks for making this! Now i'll have something to play when i have some minutes spare.

Love getting those trophies! Awesome game keep up the good work! I almost got all the upgrades!

A simple little fishing game that's a good time waster for when you're waiting on other things to finish up in the background
Love the pixel art style too it's very charming

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2022
9:50 AM EDT
  • Unity