Turnover (AtW Remix)

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You should read CAR, my webcomic, at http://www.jeffreyatw.com to get all the jokes. Needless to say, it's a crazy animutation, but I think you'll find it enjoyable nonetheless. Took me a few weeks to make.

Random notes:

During the line "Tell the planet just exactly what needs to be heard," the drawing of the planet is in the shape of The Planet from FF7.

The fat guy with growing eyes is from Something Awful. I use him also as a replacement for my "It's now safe to shut off your computer" screen on my old Win98 computers.

Indogutsu is a real person. He wrote the lyrics, rapped to it, and I animated him. That's how it works.

The original MP3 can be found here - http://www.w4jdh.net/~brasington/turnover.mp3 (w/ lyrics - http://www.w4jdh.net/~brasington/turnover.txt). It has the original MIDI intact, complete with its original percussion/instruments. Also, you'll notice that Indo's voice cracks a lot in it - that's because of a crappy microphone. I fixed that in my remix by going over those parts with voice synthesis, hence the stupid flashlight gag. :P

Here is the complete ending song - http://midgarswamp.almasymarquis.com/sound/music_at_its_best.mp3 . Every animutation has to have Colin Mochrie in it somehow. That's a rule. Don't you think I pulled it off rather well?

There will never again be a CAR animation this extravagant. Okay, well, maybe for CAR1000.

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I think I just saw DJ Shadow. 5 stars


Of all the animutation's I've seen, this was one of the least funny, but that didn't seem to be what you were going for. The song and visuals were well made, but awfully repetitive. The main thing that kept me going was the interesting lyrics, which is something I NEVER thought I would write about an animutation.

You're right though, the Colin appearance rocked. Pwned, even.


too weird for me. but a good effort

The hell???

The ending was the only good part
The original singer should be dragged out and shot

I was about to write a review...

I was about to write a review about the how the pace was a little slow, and what it lacked is craziness it made up for in quality...

Then the ending came :)

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3.36 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2003
12:33 PM EST
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