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Control the fastest snail ever through obstacles and to the goal!

Arrow keys or WASD to move.

Up or W to jump.

You can jump again in midair!

You can jump in midair while falling to get through some sections.

If you touch a balloon, you can jump in midair again!

Warning: These levels are hard at some points, and some have blind jumps.

Shoutout to @Brain-washed for getting high scores on the leaderboards!

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very simple but it's fun.
sometimes when a level restarts you hold the arrow key but don't move. Idk if it does anything but I hit the arrow key a couple times when it's at "get ready" and it works fine. either way, needs to be fixed.
music is grating tho, and I like having it bc I get a feel for how i'm doing as I'm playing so it's tough

ok I've aced this game now, I'll check up on it occasionally if anybody beats my scores to see what I can do to get them back. really happy with some levels, some can still be improved I think but it'll be tough.
--- 6/16/23
came back, i actually tied my level 1 time lol. i'm convinced it can be lower but it's gonna be tight
yep... not nearly as tight as i thought. 11.39 -> 11.27
lvl 5. 5.43 ->5.297
lvl 10. 13.11 -> 13.106.... which rounded to 13.11 ok there we go. 13.11 -> 13.01
there we GO. 13.01 -> 12.94
----- 6/17/23
lvl 4. 8.04 -> 8.06
lvl 3. 14.41 -> 14.31
i guess my lvl 5 was pretty bad... 15.10 -> 14.94
total down from 100.72 (i think) to 100.17 is sub 100 possible? doubtful but i'l try...
100.01... .02 from sub 100 seconds total.
just got a 14.20 on lvl 3 but it didn't update for some reason. so 99.90
ok. 14.09 lvl 3.
99.79 total
lvl 9 16.04 -> 16.04 99.78 total. sub 15 possible for this lvl
15.84 now. 99.58 total now. holy moly
lvl 1 11.27 -> 11.19 and i messed up at the end. this can go down.
----- 6/21/23
so i think lvl 2 is maxed out. i've gotten 6.4447 MANY times and 6.428 a handful of times as well. no clue what i need to do to get it lower or what i'm doing differently from my 6.39 time.
i wish i recorded all of these bc it's really insane.
managed to tie it... no clue how but i give up for now.
lvl 3 14.09 -> 14.0551 cool
14.0551 -> 13.9436 better
13.9463 -> 13.8553 that's gotta be it
lvl 5 14.94 -> 14.77 crazy run
MO$H got 11.1451 (round to 11.14 bc we're human) after some pointers from me. faster learner. will be back. on stream on video too, something i deeply regret not doing with my runs before. that will change.
we're back. 11.19 -> 11.123 crazy, on video. sub 11 might be possible with deadly perfect ladder. but this will be hard to crack... i hope..
sub 11 on lvl 1 finally, 10.955 in game (which i go by now since i record these runs)
after mosh crushing opposite day, i had to show him this and he started beating some times, i knew my lvl 3 time was trash, forgot to update here but i have it recorded too, he killed me then i killed him back.
plan to do a showcase of each level... which means i have to play each lvl again and get good runs... damn...
also a couple weeks ago, mosh got a recorded 6.333 on lvl 2 but it didn't update on the board. beat that too lol
sub 8 on lvl 4 7.997
might be able to get it lower to show the 7 since the board rounds up.
we'll see
so i got lvl 7 4.798 but recorded it at 30fps instead of 60
got pissed, said it would take forever to get that again
literally the next run after making sure my recording was at 60..
4.700, blessing i guess.
next is lvl 9. trying to get even close to that 15.8x is proving hard, gotten a few with 15.884 being the closest but damn idk how i did that within 2 weeks of this game coming out last time. the grind continues...
after many 15.9x, .8x i did finally tie my old pb. was able to watch it and see where i could improve, got a 15.82 watched that, saw improvements, very tight jumps all around.
then jumped to 15.635.
that's the run, it can go down a few hundredths but yeah, that's it.
after just a couple runs of each level
lvl 4 got sub 8 on the leaderboard. 7.949. to beat it by that much is awesome. i thought 7.994 was peak for how little i was improving the time. then boom.
lvl 6 beat mosh finally and got 6.117
silly level, the platforms move faster on this laptop compared to my old one. not sure why this is, but it allows for a faster run so we take those i guess.
the only thing left i guess i lvl 8 where i could try to get 4.25 or lower. but i don't really know what i did to get that, i can't get close. the faster platforms can't really be utilized here reliably since they're just chaotic. pure grind hell if i want to do something here.. maybe...
lvl 8 being pure luck was no joke. keep trying things until you get something that works.
game is dead, i am the momentum master. haha
upon review, my level 5 time can be significantly improved. after some attempts, i dropped it by 0.03
but comparisons of what i missed vs my 14.65 show at least a 0.3 - 0.4s improvement.
damn it.
woke up
first completed run 14.350
and it still had at least a 0.10s mistake.
much better.

FamilyComicsStudios responds:

Well yeah, but that's not a problem with the game, it's a problem with the keyboard. R to restart anyways. Have fun

also, the "get ready" part is on purpose.

oh, and keep speedrunning.


Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2022
9:26 AM EDT