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Author Comments

In the middle of nowhere, at an unknown time, without clear purpose the QUAD exists. The dimension distorting multiverse anomaly that has to be protected at all costs! Can you hold off the unending invasion in 4 different universes at the same time?


WASD for movement, Arrow keys for shooting

N and M to toggle sound and music respectively.

Escape to pause and unpause the game.

Made for the Untitled Game Jam #62: https://itch.io/jam/untitled-game-jam-62

(P.S. I guess this shall now be my first ever (real) completed game that i made in godot! Yay! Also i was supposed to be making a game with a friend but he got sick and couldnt participate)

Update 18.04. - Took care of a few annoying things (primarily rewrote the difficulty ramp up code so now it shouldnt spike as much, and also difficulty should now increase more in the beginning and less in the end.) Also added a few small tweaks to make the game seem a tad nicer. (If you want to know what specifically was tweaked you can read here)

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So much Fun!!! Chaotic but manageable. Really fun game. I would say more but there isn't much else to say.

didnt know there were shooting for a while (lmao), i survived for a long time though (mostly by cheesing it) overall a pretty great game ( i agree with the other comments though, repetitive, weird difficulty curve and such but i can look past that made for a jam after all)

This game is cool and it has a lot of potential. The difficulty curve ramp is pretty insane. I was about to just close the tab because it was boring and then I got overwhelmed out of nowhere.

Uh, okay. Difficulty curve is weird; very easy until like 1250, then it gets really hard really fast. This is... not great. I don't want to have to replay the boring parts to get to the bits I need to learn

CheeseBaron responds:

Yeah admittedly i had a lot of problems with the difficulty curve and ramp up and was never quite sure if its too hard or too easy, might even be a rounding issue actually but i never figured out the problem leading to the enemy spawn rate to just spike out of nowhere.

very cool concept for a split attention game. admittedly just a simple with no upgrades or anything which can be fine, but some combinations of keys did not work together. for instance I couldn't do diagonal movement and shooting at the same time like A+W while also holding right+down or something. not sure if that's an issue with the game or my keyboard itself. cool game either way!

CheeseBaron responds:

As far as i know it is a keyboard issue as i had the same problem (even in other games) yet none of my friends had any issues when i gave it to them to test. And thanks for feedback!

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2022
7:21 AM EDT
  • Audacity
  • FL Studio
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine
  • SFXR