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One in Hole JS

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Author Comments

Enhanced JS port of my first Flash game from 2017, a "mouse un-avoider". Click "start", then keep your cursor in the circle for as long as you can. One for the ages.

Exciting new features:

  • Runs in your browser again
  • Larger screen
  • Game keeps quiet
  • Less ugly, "minimalist" design with randomized colors
  • Score readout in actual seconds
  • Randomized hole movement
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Personal best score displayed on the title screen
  • A brief death screen, to remind you exactly where you went so wrong

...And no cheating. For real, this time.

v1.01 (5/18/2024) - The best score now persists between sessions. You can right-click on the title screen to reset the save data.

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Whatever you do, do not right click while using Chrome. Thanks to how Javascript works on Chrome, the game won't be able to tell where the mouse actually is when you do.

DoubleDenial responds:

What browser are you using? (Edit: wait, you can't respond to this message lol) I'm using Firefox and I can play with the context menu open just fine as long as I keep my mouse outside of it. I'm assuming your browser handles or displays the context menu differently.

It would be trivial to disable the context menu if I really wanted to, but I'm too lazy to go through and change it because I don't think it's that big of a deal

I can confirm: (unless I just don't know how to play) the game does not work on mobile

DoubleDenial responds:

Okay, noted

Its a fun game but maybe add some medals for how long you stay in and it could use some background music. Its really cool and enjoyable though. Nice !

DoubleDenial responds:

The original version had background music, but I felt it didn't really complement the simplicity for this remake. I'll consider adding a sound toggle with some music

ezwin 27 seconds

Simple, but fun. A leaderboard would be solid. Maybe certain effects at different time milestones, (music with instruments being slowly added at milestones, screen pulses to the beat of said music, disco lighting, etc.). But still, absolutely fine in its current state.

DoubleDenial responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I've looked into the API before. The thing about including a leaderboard is that it would be pretty easy for someone to find the API key and cheat, especially with JavaScript where the source code is easily accessible.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2022
5:12 PM EDT
  • Notepad++