Demons Battle

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This took so long. Its horrible. I drew every single frame one bye one seperate. With a mouse! Blood, sweat and tears went into this. Effort and energy. Night and day. So please don't say "it dont make sense," because its just an animation!


sorry bro

Its cool that you drew all that by hand, but I just did not get what was goin on.
Try giving a better story. You are a great artest and also a good animater. just give a better story on some of you flashes.

Two Words: Hell Yeah

That wuz cool. You drew those by HAND?!

Thats true commitment. I salute you.


i dont get anything that was going on....what is this?? this is what i saw:
monster...mountain...man ....naked chick.....sword....snake....naked chick...monster....umm man.
overall: CRAP!

This was a disgrace to Newgrounds

This was horrible dude ur lucky u got creature cabin cuz if you didnt you shouldnt b here creature cabin is good I hope this thing is one of your first ever made flash animations and sumbmissions to Newgrounds that would explain why it sucked

Not bad

I liked your style very much. It's not exactly my kind of flash, but I voted a 5 on it because the style you used blew my mind.

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3.24 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2003
3:49 PM EST
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