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KillFuck Massacre

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Author Comments

You play as a bitch of a witch that got prisioner on a painful prison because she was a BAAD witch!

You only hear agony and pain, you become more nuts every day you live, at the point that you don't care anymore if you're gonna live or not, you just want revenge on those son of a bitch!

Those guys better be prepered for this killfuck of a massacre you're gonna do! 🩸🔪🩸

----Social media----

My twitter:


My instagram:


Follow me if you wanna see what more bullshit games i do! Enjoy dude!

----External assets i used----

Gun sounds and explosions by Michel Baradari (https://opengameart.org/content/chaingun-pistol-rifle-shotgun-shots) (https://opengameart.org/content/2-high-quality-explosions)

Font by Daniel Linssen: (https://managore.itch.io/m6x11)

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Watch out for the ATF they hates things that are addictive and fun.

Huh, not bad. It's very chaotic, not sure how much of it is intentional but that is definitely what you're going for.

Personally, it's hard to tell where I' am with all the flashing lights. Consider either turning it down a notch or centering the camera on the Player Character and zooming in a bit. Sure, you'd sacrifice the ability to tell where enemies are precisely on the map; but considering how "close quarters" the fighting is, I don't think it would matter much when the priority is getting to the "time extension" pickup. There's an indicator of where to go anyway, so not knowing exactly won't gimp me hard.

Also, I hope you're not an ESL, because that would make my feedback hard to understand. I got that impression from reading the intro. My apologies if that sounded rude.

RicardoReyesPaz responds:

Yeah, i'm actually Mexican, but don't worry, i know what you're trying to say :)

Thanks for the feedback! I made the game basically to just get out of the creative block i had, i know it isn't particularly amazing, just wanted to do something to stop being lazy.

kinda confusing at first, sometimes the bullets dont go where you want them to go, cool overall idea tho. music sounds off just a little

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2022
1:27 PM EST