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Rock and Roll Asset Swap Adventure!

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Author Comments

CONTROLS FOR PC (Only supports keyboard, no Gamepad support)

  • Left and Right Arrow Keys to move the Player left and right
  • Up and Down Arrow Keys to move the Player up and down on ladders
  • Space to Jump


  • Use the On-Screen D-Pad on the left to move the Player
  • Use the Button on the right to make the Player jump
  • The game is best played on Widescreen mode (phone held sideways)

A GDevelop5 tech demo demonstrating the viability of pre-rendered CGi 3D visuals. I’ve always wondered if modern advancements to 3D rendering would ensure that even pre-rendered sprites would look better than they did in the age of Donkey Kong Country or Yoshi’s Story, and hopefully this little experiment of mine offers an answer. I have no real interest in the programming or game design side of making games, just doing the art for the programmer and game designers, so this is essentially an asset-swap of GDevelop5’s Platformer project, although I needed to do some light visual scripting to add in the public-domain BGM and an end state to the game. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Mindblade16 for inspiring me to come up with this tech demo in technical conversations we’ve had.

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jthrash responds:

Yep, that’s him!


jthrash responds:


Niiiice! :D

You should make a full game out of this.

jthrash responds:

I’ll hire a small team if I do. It will also give me extra time to polish the graphics and make more animations (especially for the player character) if someone else did the coding and/or music. Glad you enjoyed this little demonstration!

I... won the key?
It's a decent demo. The sprites are frigtening.
I feel that a more cohesive art style would do this game wonders. The creatures don't really fit in with the backgrounds, you know? And the main character is a rock?
I think that with a cool "escape the secret laboratory" theme, extended gameplay, and like... a cool soundtrack this could be really cool. As of right now tho... it's a bit lackluster.
Looking forward to what you do in the future!

jthrash responds:

I’m probably going to hire a programmer the next time I make a game, simply doing the graphics is a ton of work. And yes, perhaps I should have taken the extra time to make custom background assets (as of now they’re just edited versions of Kenney Assets) and of course a proper player character. Also hiring a musician in addition to a programmer, I’m not strong in the music department either, and growing up with Sonic and Mega Man taught me the importance of a good soundtrack.

Thank you for all your feedback, though! It’s really helpful and I just wanted to put something, anything out there to get started on my journey!

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2022
11:27 AM EST
  • Blender
  • GDevelop 5