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I've been wanting to remake this game for a while, it's an old Tandy handheld I have from the 80's. This is my very first Flash project, and my first game done in any environment.

I want to thank everyone who's voted and given me feedback, this is a really great community for Flash development. I'm really thrilled with all the great suggestions I've gotten, and I might update it to work with some of the requests, most notably the request for sound.

The movement, however, will remain jerky and random. This is to keep with the original game that I have.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have.


i berly plaed and i lafft my ass off

its pretty cool


I havent seen this in a while!
Oh wait... I lied... it's the same thing over and over again...
Needs to be less random invaders movement, as well as needing sounds.
This shows no redeeming features... theres only about 10,000+ (No exaggeration) of these games out there...

piece of crap

dude this is a piece of crap you didnt even add in power ups! and there is only one freaking level!

Hm, well...

Not a bad game in my opinion, however there are many things you could do to improve it. Numero uno, it needs some sounds, any sounds at all, you had no sounds (that'll knock off a point or two). I thought you did a good job on the graphics, though there weren't a whole lot of them, no points given or taken here. You get one up for remaking an old console game in flash, more people should do this. You don't get any for violence, because the ships didn't even explode, they just kind of blinked out, -1 there, if your gonna have something die, have it die in an interesting way :P . No humor rating there, self explanatory, no points given or taken. Tell you what, i'll give it a 3. 666 out.

Very Good Game

Score 220,000 or more in level 6.Not bad but a little bug in the begin but it was ok after few second.Please check on it ok,thank

samaburden responds:

Can you please specify what the bug was, so that I can fix it?

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2.57 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
12:35 AM EST
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