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Red Path

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Author Comments

Keep moving and avoid running into the red path you leave behind you. Defeat all enemies to progress through each level. Defeat each boss and collect their keys to open the final door and win the game.

You can download the Windows version, which features auto-saving, or donate, on the itch page.

Made in 5 days for Jame Gam #15

Theme: No Going Back

Special Object: The Door



Ctrl + F9 - Enable cheats

F1 - Toggle invincibility

F2 - Toggle trail

L - Level select

F3 - Teleport to red key

F4 - Teleport to blue key

F5 - Teleport to green key

F6 - Turn off gravity

F7 - Move up one unit

8 - Move down one unit

F10 - Make character invisible

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I think you might be onto something here. The core idea and gameplay loop is pretty fun, but whoa, it can be so frustrating sometimes. It feels like a great prototype (makes sense since it comes from a game jam), but to make it genuinely enjoyable, it would require some polish (visual, too).

While playing the game, sooner or later you're going to realize the key to victory is overusing slow motion. Since you can't stay still, slow motion can give you the time necessary to look around, think and properly aim – and if you no longer deal any damage, you can just let go for a moment and immediately start slow motion again. Other than that, there are no penalties, so there's no reason *not* to use it.
But I think the game is more enjoyable when you at least start aiming and shooting outside of slow motion and only resort to it when necessary.

And for the love of God, please leave the camera alone. Perhaps it's a collision bug (I hope it's not intentional), but sometimes when you jump near the red line, the camera instantly snaps to a different angle which botches your jumps and makes you lose nine out of ten times. Another reason why it's a good idea to enter the slow-motion hallway through your jump.

Some other suggestions:
– I wouldn't damage the player *immediately* when you pause – rather in bursts, starting e.g. one second after standing still. So you can still turn around or start aiming without having to do it in slow-mo.
– To prevent overuse, perhaps the slow-motion mode should be a depletable bar that you can recharge by successfully shooting enemies – BUT then you'd have to make the rest of the game a bit easier to make up for it.
– Maybe the red path would look better semi-transparent (so that it doesn't block your view)
– You shouldn't see the red path under you if you're falling directly down
– Slow health regeneration? So making a small mistake isn't a burden for the rest of the level, sometimes forcing you to restart.
– I have a lot of "MOUSE_MODE_CAPTURED" errors in the console

By the way, with Godot, you could even add medals (in-game achievements) or scoreboards to prolong the life of your game (more people would play, and also return to unlock medals they missed): https://www.newgrounds.io/get-started/
It's also a nice metric to see how many people got to various stages of the game. I can't imagine a huge portion of players actually completed the game.

Personally, for now, I gave up in the Tightrope level because I realized what stunt I'd have to pull off to return to the starting point (after finishing the rest of the level, even), and it would take a lot of very frustrating attempts. Although it's a pity I didn't reach any of the bosses you mention, because those would no doubt be interesting, too.

But I see the potential there; it could be a great game if you work on it further – something like a new Superhot.

TrollHunterX responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
I've put the cheat codes in the description, if you want to see the rest.

its really good! though i think it needs a bit of color.

that was surprisingly good! it was like if snake was a platformer. I think the range on the gun should increase just a little bit because there are times where it was impossible to get one last guy because They were too far away and I couldn't reach them

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2022
4:11 PM EST
  • Blender
  • Krita
  • Godot Engine
  • Cakewalk