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Tiny Escape- Forest

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Pink Mustache 10 Points

Hello, everybody, my name is...

D-D Brothers 10 Points

Is it the author or the composer..? Or maybe both?

Little Shroom 10 Points

It's-a me!

Golden Bear 10 Points

Is it the 1987?!

One of Them? 10 Points

I probably shouldn't touch this one...

A Better One 10 Points

This one looks like mine, but... from a different place...

Feel the Stars 25 Points

A piece of mysterious universe...

Seems Familiar 25 Points

Must be a part of some website title...

You're Doing Great! 5 Points

Figure out what to do from the start...

Tryhard 50 Points

Finish all 8 levels

Author Comments

Controls & info:

Movement- WSAD / Arrow Keys

Breaking items- SPACE

Restart level- Q

Crafting shortcuts- E (axe), R (pickaxe), T (shovel)

Skip inro- Esc

The game contains cloud save if you wanted to store your data in between devices ;)

Known issues:

  • This game recently had a bug report that it sometimes doesn't let you break stuff in levels. I was unable to replicate this issue, so if you run into it, please, let me know any details! Also if you restart the level, it should fix the problem, based on what I've been told.


Hello! :)

I'm a indie dev from Czech republic. This game is one of my first ones, actually the best one I ever released!

I wanted to create something new that I never tried before, so I gathered all the knowledge I had and made Tiny Escape.

This game took me about a week of constant work outside of my regular duties and I am so glad that I managed to complete it just barely before the competition submission entry closed!

I am happy that I can take part in the PixelDay competition and I hope you all will like this little piece ;)

Sadly, I didn't manage to implement Leaderboards, my time schedule was not great. But the game is rady for speedrunners, so you can take the challenge, if you want ;)

Support & contact:

If you would like to support my work, you can do it via BuyMeCoffee or PayPal :)



If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can do so here on NG ;)


My brother made some awesome tracks for this project, so check his YouTube or NG account. He is listed as a musician.


Also thanks to Craftpix that was the source of most of the sprites used.


And let's not forget about my testers and my awesome YouTube community that helped me with this as well :)

If you happen to be Czech, feel free to come and join us here- https://www.youtube.com/c/Darkry


v1.0.0 (release)- Game has been released and tested.

v1.1.0 (resolution fix)- After release there came some issues with texture scaling and some textures were missing.

v1.1.1- A minor patch to fix a few buggy colliders and textures.

v1.2.0-v1.2.3- Save data changes. Data should now be able to stay in between updates (from this update onward, so you will, sadly, lose all data before this update). Also fixed issues with cloud saving and time/score saving.

v1.3.0-v1.3.1- Added "Next level" button :D I know you've been waiting for this one... :D And fixed some stuff around it.

v1.3.2- Texture, scores and times hotfix

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Really cute! I need to get used to keyboard controls... 😅

really good game its simple and fun and the graphics are good.

DarkryCZ responds:

Thank you very much :)

O jogo é legal, possui bons graficos com desafios dificeis

DarkryCZ responds:

Muito obrigado

I can´t use the shovel, am I missing smt? I use spacebar, T -is there smt I´m missing?

DarkryCZ responds:

Not really. All the items are used in the same way. But you can use shovel only on the bushes, not normal grass or flowers.
I got some reports that tools bug out sometimes and do not react to pressing spacebar. Reload of the game often helped. I couldn't repeat that bug, tho, so I can't fix it now.

My biggest complaint is that there is very little reason to save the collectables for AFTER beating the game the first time, other than to artificially inflate the playtime. The worst case of adding them to the initial run is that they overcomplicate the puzzles, especially seeing how not all of them are possible to get and clear the level at the same time, but a simple workaround is to disclose that up front.

One other minor complaint is that resetting the level just to have to click through the dialogue again wastes time. I can understand doing it when you load into the level from the level select, but pressing retry could skip it without loosing anything.

DarkryCZ responds:

Yes. In regards to those collectables- they were designed to work like this and it is intentional. I made them with this in mind since I knew it would be too hard for many people to complete the level ad the same time (but it IS possible, I tested every single one).
The reason for them being unlocked after the game is finished is simple- not to inflate the playtime, I could have done that by adding many and many more levels with not much of a difficulty increase (or simple filler levels), but to make player find another way of going through the levels. It's solely to annoy your braincells.

Yes, the dialogue was adressed and thnk you. I will be looking into that probably in the future. I'm still working on this game, but due to school and other stuff I am not really able to concentrate only on this. It will take much more time :(

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2022
11:03 PM EST
  • Unity
  • Krita
  • FL Studio 12