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Elizabeth SLAY!!

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Author Comments

Edit: OMG I got Featured again?? Gosh thank you guys!!!!! That's so lovely - for those who didn't catch it, my game was featured on Pixel Day for like 2 hours in total, because there were so many amazing games, I suppose there wasn't space for mine! It's really nice to get a little spotlight on my game too, I really tried my best with all the art and coding and even trying to make music!!!!!

Edit 2: Well, that was short-lived! I think for this one, I was featured for 1 hour or so! Darn... Well, for those who like this game - thanks a ton for playing!! (Though, it is a little cruel, to dangle a carrot like that, moderator guys!! I got so happy when my game got back on Frontpage, but then I refresh, and it's gone again! I suppose it was my bad to begin with, to release it on Pixel Day because I wanted to participate in a Newgrounds holiday, and the competition is ruthless... But please don't tease anyone like that!!!!)


Hey folks!! Help Elizabeth the Wizard Vampire Kobold (a lot huh!!) in her adventure through Stompo Grove, smack around Stompos and collect tomatoes in order to be invited to a Harvesting season feast!! This is a large adventure where you get to chat with various fellas, learn a bunch about the world of Stompos, look out for secrets and just have fun in general!! Includes in-game achievements that I hope to turn into medals at some point (I tried to but heck it, the game is finished just put it out there today right??)

Can't collect all 6 blue tomatoes?? Try listening to dialogue, or explore paths that you might have overlooked!

I finished it just in time!! I was sorta aiming for Pixel Day, but turns out, I had to fix bugs right to this very second! Everything has been tested like 50 times by me personally and should work, but if you encounter any crashes, please-please let me know!! I couldn't make the medals work, they were breaking the game, so I had to cut them for now, but I hope to add them at some point!

There is an extra song "persevere" by @skydev who let me use it, you can have it replace the main soundtrack that I've written once you find the Newgrounds Record Player, because turns out writing music is super-hard, and my OST will drive you crazy quickly probably!! All of the sounds are royalty-free, either edited to fit the game or put in as they are!

What's coming: hopefully a working game in case this one is broken (again, shouldn't be at all!), a post detailing the development process of this game (made all by myself!!) aimed at folks who also would like to try making a game, the Itch.io version, Windows version (which is nearly guaranteed to work properly, thankfully!), Newgrounds medals implementation (if I do implement them, it will come after the phase where I patch this a lot, because I'd actually need to do a big Gamemaker update for it, and I've heard it can mess things up!)... Bug fixing if anything!! Improving this version, if need be! I think that's it!!!!

Thanks a bunch to all of my friends who helped me test and optimize this game, to @Stepford for being supportive and telling me how to work the Medals script (sorry!!), to Tom Fulp for being a rad individual, to makers of MAD SISTERS WEEK OFF for inspiring me to make my own game too (I'll edit this desc to give links!!)

Edit: fixed some effects being too loud, but if some are still too loud, poke me, and I'll fix them further!

Edit: after a whole bunch of patches thanks to your feedback, all the hints have been cleared up! If you couldn't figure something out at release, you can try again and talk to people who give hints!

Edit: Playing on Chrome VERY rarely causes shenanigans, such as the music not playing and endings not triggering! It's advised to play on any other browser, though the jank on Chrome happens very rarely!

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The art is excellent!
Could use some polishing, but it's a fun concept.

Game is harder then i thought, but i love it! Awesome work

this is a really awesome game.
question though, W H E N S E X M O D?

Roksim responds:

I am actually developing a NSFW sequel for this one! It'll have a SFW version too...

Holy crap, I didn’t know it was a finished game until now!
I’ll play it once I need access to my PC this month or the next.

Roksim responds:

I'm making a sequel!

Everything about this! Is! So! Good! The funny dialogue, the colourful cast of characters, even the constant loop of one song never gets old because it's so mellow and has a smooth vibe! I can't wait to see what else you make!

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2022
1:00 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • BFXR
  • OpenMPT
  • GameMaker Studio 2