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Author Comments

Fluctuoid (noun.) a thing that changes size

Shrink and grow to make your way through the maze
Puzzle platforming that emphasises flow, discovery and a unique, laid back experience
9 worlds of size changing gameplay





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wont load -cookiemonster/10

Really fun game to play, but it has taken me a long time to finally get all boxes on each world! :)

I actually really like this game it was relaxing and fun to figure out. like a puzzle. The music made it soothing

I feel like the game has a lot going for it, both in what I played and what I'm seeing on the gifs: the shrink and grow mechanics look to be used in a lot of interesting ways for tons of cool puzzles. While that may be the case, however, I feel like I had a real tough time staying with this game, as it felt so incredibly slow at times, especially in the beginning.

Where in the time most games would introduce multiple mechanics and expand on them through its levels, this game just kept having overly simple puzzles with one mechanic over and over. The beginning levels felt like such a slog to get through, and could definitely stand to be quicker or shortened, in my opinion. It didn't help either that the game felt a bit janky in some respects, like having unresponsive controls (though credit where its due, there are nice control touches like coyote time jumps) and that weird way you fall off the map when transitioning between levels.

That being said, I did feel like the game did a good job at, without words, subtly introducing new mechanics and teaching them in intuitive ways. I also liked the way you would return to the hub and see how much the water has drained: was a nice way to show progress and get excited for the levels to come.

Again, I feel like this game does have a lot of smart design and potential to it: I just feel like it might've lost a lot of people due to some of the slowness and repetitiveness of it all at times, as well as being perhaps too chill and minimalistic to the point of being confusing, especially in the beginning, where hooking people by exciting them is most important. I like where the game is going now that I've gotten to at least world three, but I'm surprised I got there in the first place with my short patience, haha!

I've gotten partway through the third level (sewage water level), and unfortunately I had to stop.

It's definitely an enjoyable game, with well-designed levels (at least as far as I've gotten), nice-looking graphics and good music, and overall a pretty good playability. However, I'd say that the game misses the mark somewhat with the intent to be a "laid-back" experience. The graphics and music definitely put it halfway there, but there are definitely ways in which the level design isn't forgiving enough to be calming. There are some points at which the collection of cubes, or even the restarting of a level stage (I suppose you could call the parts of each level "stages"?), is left up to a 50/50 guess as to which way to go. Likewise, there are also some points at which the player will be sent back to the beginning of the stage many times, due to imperfect timing with sequences of size changes and jumps to avoid hazards. I would say I'm one of the calmer gamers out there, but eventually I had to say that I'd played enough before it got annoying. I can imagine it would be even moreso for others.

Tiny detail as well: I kinda found the differences in graphics detail and style between the title screen/instructions screen and the actual game to be a bit jarring - I had been expecting a game that looked like the title screen and instructions screen. Considering that the initial room of the level select screen (with the light-up letters) and the player almost look like a stereotypical beginner platformer project in their design (not meant as an insult, it's just similar design trends), this might leave some players feeling like they've been given a bait-and-switch, and quit before they even start playing this interesting game.

That being said, I definitely had a good time playing this game, and I think it has a really well-thought-out concept behind it. There was nothing inherently game-breaking, and the fact that even the case of being stuck in a wall was accounted for by the developer impressed me! So I'd have to say that this was worth my time!

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2022
4:14 PM EST