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Depths of Aion

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This is a fun game. I love the sci-fi theme. The mouse sensitivity for game play is really high, I had to change my mouse settings to very low. The levels were a bit confusing to navigate even with the small distance indicator. The compass in the corner was not very useful when trying to keep track of where I was at. The guns abilities were cool and well made, the color-coding aspect of which ability to use on which wall was nice. I feel there is a need for better tutorials, I had to play a few times to figure out that I cannot touch red walls, some red game objects did not hurt me though. The floating yellow cube at the beginning of the level, did that give shields? I think adding more information about the different game objects is needed. On the topic of level design, I think the flow of the level is a bit fragmented. It is hard to tell where to go even with an indicator. It is hard to navigate with all the particles floating around. The levels as I progressed were very disorientating with different floating objects and odd placement of walls and cubes. The level with the two tower paths, the red wheel tower was very hard to pass and navigate, I got to the top and did not know where to go. When taking the orange tower, I was unsure if I was moving up or down, as there was no indication of directions. Arrows to point directions needed, maybe. The feel of the game from the menu screen to the game levels itself was a very different from each other. The 1st looks of the menu screen I was thinking the game levels would be darker and more of a dystopian sci-fi theme. The enemies and the gun design fit well with the initial feel I had for the game, but the level colors where very jarring compared to the dark rainy city scene I was presented with in the menu. The pink switches to progress the level, there also needs to be some indication in a tutorial that those are switches. But as a summary cool idea, love the concept. Game play is fun I played a few times to get a better score. Need more information on game objects and mechanics. Maybe a slower tutorial level with a step by step on what to do with each challenge presented. The level design needs some work, like better flow and better match the theme presented. Mouse sensitivity needs to be lowered.

Edit: I replayed a few more times after noticing enemies at some point in one of the levels. The animations for the enemies are very well done. It follows the character as they move from different walls, I also noticed that the forward walking animation differs from when the enemy walks back. The enemies where well made, it's a shame that there was not that many enemies and I think it was only in one level.

Took a really long time to load but once it did I could kind of see why. Its a little laggy and Im not 100% sure if thats my pc or the game so I guess take that with a grain of salt unless others report the same. I only played the first level but it was pretty fun.

Credits & Info

2.58 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2022
10:49 PM EST