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Author Comments

Just Walk.

Don't Stop.

Keep Going.

An experimental horror game by Apple.

Warning: All the time spent playing this game, you will never get back.

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My ADHD doesn't have the patience for this

if we weren't friends i would beat you up for this

I walked for several minutes toward a glimmer in the distance that followed me when I strafed back and forth in the hallway. I loved the atmospheric music and was getting Antichamber vibes! I don't know if it's a bug or I didn't walk far enough or it's a never-ending hallway...

Apple952 responds:

There is an end, I'll tell you that much ;)

what is this? ive been playing for at least 10 mintues and i still see just 2 lights at both end, and neither of them seem to be getting closer or changing in any way, more people will get mad before getting scared.

Apple952 responds:

Maybe you just weren't determined enough to actually get to the end. :)

In the end I am the fool who took this journey. Not only am I such a chump that I took the complete journey, but about half way through I got turned around and accidentally walked all the way to the start. Still with deep determination and resolve I turned back around and walked. I did not stop, I kept going. At moments I began to lose hope, I noticed when I would walk in certain strange angles I could see a glimmer of white light at the end of the tunnel. This was the hope that kept me moving.

Alas it seemed the more I would chase that light at any angle, it would flicker away. Likely some sort of glitch showing me a reflection of the "Hallway" text at the start. As the white light faded I still told myself "There is change as I move, surely this is sign of objective progress, I will not falter and I will not cease. I will push forward." and I did so. I did so for just under an hour. At the end I reached my reward, and I have no fury or rage, I knew somehow long before I reached the end this would be the result of chasing the void. Nothing. In the end there was nothing. What was the horror? The scary sounds of the hallway? No, after the 6th or 7th loop of those sounds I think anyone would have grown used to them, though maybe the faint of heart (or the far more intelligent) would have ceased this psychological self harm long before hand.

The horror is maybe the time sacrificed in this journey, a journey that likely used less time in its construction than that which it takes to embark upon and complete it. The horror very well may be the lost time and the empty wall at the end, the voids reward. Nothing.

I told myself I would blam this, and on a certain principle I feel like I really ought to. But I have nothing to be mad at but myself here, it became very obvious what the likely outcome would be about half an hour before I reached it. It would have been a nice suprise if something was at the end of it all. But this is fitting in a way, at the risk of sounding like the most pretentious son of a bitch to post on this website I am going to say this ending is about as "scary" as it could have been at the psychological level. At the end of the long dark void, there is simply nothing.

Thank you for helping me kill a little bit more of my time as I am always looking for new ways to do so. Forgive me for still leaving a low rating as well as this long winded and pretentious review, it is how I cope with this final and ultimate horror I have just subjected myself to.

Apple952 responds:

Thank you for playing. This is exactly what I had hoped for, posting a game like this. The true horror is the Insanity of walking for minutes and minutes on end, expecting a different result to what is actually at the end. Then again, when I walked the full length of the hallway, I reflected and thought about all the other things that I could be doing. But I knew that there is nothing at the end of the hallway. Thank you for not blamming my little horror game. Another is in the works ;)

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2022
5:28 PM EST