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Lost in Firefly Forest

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After a hike you find yourself lost in a mysterious, dark forest.

Solve its many riddles and puzzle your way out, or wander for all eternity.


- Arrow keys/WASD: Moves

- Z/J: Interact

- X/K: Open clues

- C/L: Scroll through clues

- Space: Open inventory

- P: Pause

- M: Mute

- Q (when paused): Quit to title screen

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good game! however i cant say that i sometimes needed to watch a youtube tutorial...

Lost Woods Vibe.

Great game. Took me a bit to figure some things out.
A little help for others:
First, really look at the clues. Don't mix up directions. As the author said, don't try to brute force.

Gravestones need to be read in an order
Every well puzzle can be solved just with info in the well
Once you know where the 4th wise woman started, *remember what the wise woman statue said or go read it again*

One person assumed the lake with stones was the tower. It is not.

Good luck

Satisfying game

Stumped by the toilet paper symbols and have no clue about what to do with the mine cart. I did find a super secret sign though, so that's pretty neat.

Also, was I supposed to find anything at the left side puzzle in the well? Cuz I just get caught in a loop and I'm not sure if that triggered the clue for the right puzzle or something because I didn't notice it before.

Edit: Nevermind that last part, I'm just dumb.