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Evangelion Episode 24.

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Author Comments

another update - look ppl ive seen the episode i know the scene so stop telling me what is wrong with it. It is very annoying! 9/7/03 - update - finally added a preloader, enjoy :)
In my opinion, evangelion is one of the best sci-fi anime shows ever made.
but for those who dont know what episoder 24 is, here is a quick synopsis
Evangelion .. Episode synopses .. Episode 24 "The final messenger/The beginning and the end, or 'Knockin' on heaven's door'"

SEELE send NERV the fifth child, in accord with the Marduk report - a certain Kaoru Nagisa. He meets Shinji and they soon become good friends. He is assigned to pilot unit 02, following Asuka's breakdown, and it is discovered that he has an incredible synchro rate, much higher than Shinji's. It seems Shinji has finally found himself a friend. But this happiness is not to last... Kaoru takes control of unit 02, and descends to Terminal Dogma in pursuit of Adam. His true identity is revealed; he is Tabris, the seventeenth angel!

Shinji is sent after him in Unit-01, and a battle ensues between him and the unpiloted Unit-02, while Kaoru finally reaches his goal... only to discover that Lilith, not Adam, is kept beneath NERV. By this time, Shinji has defeated Unit-02, and catches Kaoru, who requests that Shinji destroy him... which Shinji does, and thus defeats the final angel.

i apologize that there is no voice only music. but it is able to be watched without voices and also the text is meant to be Chinese. if it isnt i apologize again.


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NGE is good, but incredibly depressing.

As said in my title, very good, but very depressing (on a side note, where did you get the chibi children from?)

heart reandering

while the flash is not exactly good the show itself stops and makes you think about the sate the world is in to day and lets take a look at shinji's life in the confines of the show and asuka and rei too. they are all affected by past tragidies mostly rei because of her being a clone also factor in that rei is cloned from shinji's mother's DNA. asuka watched her mom forget herself and then kill herself. shinji watched his mom be absorbed by the very eva that he pilots hence when it acted by itself to save him granted that was a combo shinji's mom and the monster that the evangelions are cloned from. example when in a eva movie asuka's machine opens 4 eyes while shinji's has 2 eyes and rei's has only 1. looking at it from that angle it was enevitable that some of the pilots are gonna be screwed up mostly shinji who wtched his father leave and have him contact him years later only to be manipulated by the same father who also was responsible for rei dying in the above mentioned movie because she was made only to destroy the world. looking at it from that angle evangelion cannot be watched without bringing tears to your eyes because of the father's part in the downfall of the whole world.


ummm... it's not that bad hahaha


do evangelio a favour stop this

long, and boring!

There's a portion of my life I'll never get back!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2003
2:27 PM EST