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Well, this took about a week to put together, it was a school project. Don't give me 0's and crap just for the fact it's a school project because it would definatly suck. Hope you enjoy!

Whoaaa 5 year anniversary! noice. lol...


Good Job

This was great and it was funny when the guy jumped in. With work like this, I'm sure you should get an "A" for the grade. Good Job!

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fuck IT

now i bet you we got 2.5 on your grade for this


So. If people don't like your movies.. ah what the fuck. I'm too lazy to go off on a rant.

Radness responds:

Shut up.

Not a whole lot to desire.

Goddamn, Newgrounds is filled with some filthy-mouthed little brats.... but personal complaints aside this flash offered very little other than a quick story with very novice graphics to go along with it. The best feature was the choice of repeating background music to go along with the story, helped to give a bit of an epic sense to it, but without picking on the story itself the flash animation didn't do much to appease the viewer, in either illustration or progression.

Radness responds:

dont know why im bothering responding to this now, but just sayin, the points you made a right, its a piece of shit, back when i first made it i thought it was cool haaa

1 for effort...

Otherwise this sucked. Sure, it was for a school project, but please don't submit this crap to Newgrounds... God help you.

Radness responds:

And 1 dollar for your mom.

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2.99 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2003
12:45 PM EST
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