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Doomies: Bloody Fur

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Download the game here if you have any problems: Doomies: Bloody Fur by Ricardo Reyes Paz (itch.io)

Sometimes, you just want to relax and disconnect your mind from reality for a moment and release those bad thoughts and feelings you had in you day. Well... this game is perfect for that! Just shoot bad guys, get new power ups and see how you score goes up!

This game is simple, but the good way of simple. Enjoy of the gory fucking disaster your doing without worrying too much! Just enjoy the moment and relax dude! 🩸😈🩸

Waste your time! That's what this game is designed for :)

--It features--

  • 3 Different arenas
  • 2 Different game modes
  • 4 Playable characters
  • Fun and addicting gameplay
  • Satisfying as FUCK effects
  • Loud gun sounds
  • 8 different guns
  • Unlockables
  • No BULLSHIT tutorial
  • 2 different control schemes
  • And a lot of fun dude! Just play it NOW! 🔪🩸

If you enjoyed my game, please consider following me on my social media!

Twitter: Ricardo Reyes Paz (@richard08Games) / Twitter

Instagram: Ricardo Reyes Paz (@richard08_reyespaz) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

Hope you enjoyed my game as much as i enjoyed making it!

----Assets used----

Gun sounds and explosions: Michel Baradari (https://opengameart.org/content/chaingun-pistol-rifle-shotgun-shots) (https://opengameart.org/content/2-high-quality-explosions)

Game music: White Bat Audio (https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteBatAudio)

Menu music: Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

Discord Presence: Nikita Krapivin and Ace (https://github.com/nkrapivin/NekoPresence)

Font: Thaleah by Tiny Worlds (https://tinyworlds.itch.io/free-pixel-font-thaleah

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Really fun game! Honestly love the absolute mayhem of shooting a shit ton of enemies at once

RicardoReyesPaz responds:

I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)


RicardoReyesPaz responds:

Of course 😎

ive been pressing every damn button on my keyboard and i cant even start the game. this hurts.
edit: nvm but please explain why you would make enter the select button and n o t have it tell you in the start screen, i couldn't seem to find it in the description either sooooo

ok so i just played a round and i only have one thing to say to you: y e s


Overall a fun game and I really like how there is no tutorial as the game is pretty simple to get into, hoping this gets front paged.

RicardoReyesPaz responds:

Thanks! Sorry for responding late xD.

I loved it! you really lose track of time playing, it reminds me of my childhood experiences with videogames which makes me feel nostalgic :) it's a great experience!

and the creator's affection for his game is very noticeable, I love that.