WWII: Day of Defeat - E1

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Author Comments

This is the first animation ive made with flash. Sry, it's a bit short, but whatevah.. i aint makin you watch it! =P
btw what looks like dvd, is dud.

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too short...

i didn ' t liked that...it was too short and bad animated...neah!


It was too short, but I liked it, the American wanted to join a party, but the Germans wouldn't let him in. WAAAARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Nice!

I sort of liked it, including the "Matrix" sort of bit, and the slow-mo scene was pretty well done. I think it could be longer, sinse WW2 has a bit more of a story. But I think it takes a long time, (flash), with all the frames and that stuff. So pretty awesome! And if this video is old, I hope you see this review, because I want you to know how nice I thought it was!!! Also, keep practising and do more WW2 cartoons! Because this I liked. And I want to see more! >:3
Not sure what to rate, 3 or a 4...
Okay, 4! Oh, and next time, do a big battle with artillery and such.
I would 5 it no matter how good or how bad!

Gusto responds:

hahaha cheers mate - i havent animated for ages tho.. maybe i should get back into it!

Ok flash

It's a nice enough flash. Really not bad for a first one. The flip- unreallistic but who cares? Don't stress about detail or whatever, I say simplicity makes better flash. Nice.


its ok needs detailed rifles 2 show wat de are da allied soldier make his rifle detailed 2 an M1 Garand k and thee Kraut make it look like Karbiner98k or gewehr 34 otherwise it was great ohh and guy who says can dogde bullet buy some tracer rounds gun mufflers and see if u can dodge em[PS ttacer rounds glow red they r used 2 help other soldiers spot targets and the allie should have a squad with a Sgt. 1 Cpl. and 8 private a squad]

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2003
11:28 AM EST
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