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Gamer Annihilation Squad

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Author Comments

In 2049, the US Congress votes to establish a new organisation dedicated to hunting down gamers: the Gamer Annihilation Squad.

You are a new recruit to the G.A.S.

Befriend your teammates and embark on deadly missions with the aim of eradicating the gamer menace and keeping society safe.

Content Warning: contains offensive slurs and some other bad stuff.. Recommended for 18+ or multiple children stacked in a trenchcoat.


Comedy VN crudely made in Ren'py using free assets (I'm not an artist, sorry).

This is short, around 8000 words. I might write more episodes if anyone is entertained by it— I have a lot more stuff written but I haven't been able to work it properly into a narrative yet.

e: some songs don't reliably load on this web version... idk why because I compressed the absolute h*ck out of these. Sorry!

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Honestly it wasn't bad, although the png characters kinda threw it off just a bit.
Try seeing if anyone would like to help you make character and background assets, you got a good thing going on here.

namesareforfriends responds:

Thanks for commenting! I wrote this as a NaNoWriMo thing that was to be a visual novel or game about gaming, and I figured I'd stick to what I'm """good""" at so I didn't put too much effort into visual presentation. Ultimately nobody played it so I threw it on here. I think some of the characters especially the recognisable ones are pretty off-putting. Maybe I'll try making more with this, maybe try making some kind of game even and get some proper assets.

I lost my shit at the part where the Vietnamese sounding guy said Genshin Impact lol. You have my respect as an Asian.

Edit: Hell if I know that's actually Vietnamese or not. Still, good work though, I really liked this lol.

namesareforfriends responds:

Haha yeah, I was a little worried I'd piss someone off with some of those jokes so I had to regain my "karmic balance" so to speak by making fun of scouse people in the second episode... Does that guy sound Vietnamese? That would have been a pretty good joke if it was intentional, but I'm not that clever.

I found the story to be quite funny. Though there was no actual gameplay. Also the UI could use some work. If it had actual gameplay instead of just cutscenes this would be a fun game!

namesareforfriends responds:

Yeah originally I just wanted to focus on the part that I was going to enjoy making because this was just a small thing, but I might consider making some sort of game out of it and getting some proper assets. Thanks for commenting & reviewing btw!

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2022
4:30 PM EST
Visual Novel
  • Ren'Py