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Rogue and Defiance [beta 5]

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Author Comments

Tactical dungeon roguelike: Grow and adapt your character against several dungeons from the tame Green Grasslands, the dark Umbra Cave home to treacherous monsters and Cavefolk, a swampland filled with necromancers and bloodmages, to a Darklord's castle filled with his army and lieutenants.

Between the character customization opportunities on each levelup, battles that play out like tactical RPGs, and shops to barter items and equipment, the randomly-generated dungeons and vast range of difficulty levels, this game offers adventure to players of all levels, and a challenge in tactics, resourcefulness, observation and character-building for the advanced players.

Follow my account for posts on future updates.

[Beta 5 Update]

・New boss battle soundtracks

・Meta-progression save now carries over to future versions

・Game published!

[Beta 4 Update Dec. 1, 2021]

Main new features:

  • New dungeon: Karvylean Castle!
  • New playable character: Threin Fallwood!
  • Meta-progression save: Dungeon clear data are now saved and displayed in character select and difficulty screen.
  • Japanese version out on unityroom

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ehhhh i think its kinda boring

It's not bad, but I found the pacing of this game to be off. The game reminds me a lot of Pixel Dungeon, but one big difference in that game is that each individual action (attacking and moving) pushes the clock forward one tick, and enemies respond automatically. Giving a player a full turn allowing for several tiles of movement plus an action sounds fine at first, but when you have to wait for enemies to take their turns, the gameplay feels like it slows down to a crawl. Final Fantasy Tactics can kind of get away with this because you have multiple player characters to control, but in this, you spend most of the time waiting for enemies to move, since you have one character and there are many of them.

There's other stuff to talk about, for sure. I never quite got the knack of which upgrades were the best to pick, and the varied enemy attacks made it pretty challenging to figure out how to minimize your incoming sources of damage while taking down enemies, but something about these felt off, too. I think introducing enemy types and upgrades gradually would help the player get familiar with the mechanics a lot better.

With a lot of roguelikes I get the impression that I'm building incremental mastery for a game that's fairly complex, but here I get the sense that I'm really struggling to grasp something that's actually not that hard, nd I think guidance (or lack thereof) is a big reason for that. At the end of the day, it feels like so much of your success depends on you figuring out the attack range of the enemies, remembering exactly how many hits it takes to kill them, and maybe knowing when to use a potion, but a lot of the deeper strategies also feel like they might be missing. Anything that isn't a health or mana potion looks to be pretty rare, so it's really hard to learn how to use them or to pay them much mind.

My suggestion is to make the core mechanics a bit friendlier, and the less common items in the game more accessible, so that the player spends less time floundering around on the basics and can actually get to the deeper parts of the game.

this game reminded me of a game called "pokemon mystery dungeon" so it brought back some old memories! The games UI is really clean but it would be nice if the sprites had animations.

Very good game. Well done.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2022
9:53 PM EST
  • Unity
  • LMMS