Shaolin Soccer

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I started this after I saw the movie Shaolin Soccer ^_^ This is my first flash, I know I could of done better, but I got kinda tired. If it goes well, I might make the next parts to it. Put volume up when voices come on, it might be kinda low.


Not bad...

I never got to see Shaolin Soccer because Power-Fusion is down... But I guess this was okay. Good for a first try!

It wasn't too bad

I'm also working on a Shaolin Soccer flash movie cause so far you're the only one who submitted a 'Shaolin Soccer' movie to Newgrounds. I hope to see more flash movies from you soon.

what a crap... but the idea is not bad at all

The idea of this movie is not bad only cause I alredy saw the movie and I found it very funny! it is like that anime called Captain Tsubasa but filmed with real persons!...

But you only used a good concept to make a crappy movie... tsk..tsk

Big-Rappin-Earl responds:

Sorry, I didn't know your first movie had to be perfect....Maybe stick figures with no sound would of been better huh?

I liked it. Very good for a first try

The voices were a little choppy, but the music selection was great and it went right with the movie. I don't know why I laughed at the part with the banana peal, but I did.

Its goo for a first

and extremely good time with the music

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2.83 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2003
3:29 AM EST
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