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Blocks Pumpkin Patch (beta)

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Author Comments

if there is parts that look like it has blood it actully not

its conviniently looking red stuff because im not that person who puts blood in every single game i make

You are here with your friends and they want to play games.

play the minigames to get your keys back!


[]fixxed the bug where you cant go down when you start the minigames

[]fixxed the chapter sprite due to cringe

[]working on music

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Ok so here is what i think so far as it stands in development. This game is definitely inspired by apples andy farm and that is perfectly fine. But i feel like this is a case of making your game too reliant on the source material. Making a new story while keeping an "analog horror" feel could be a better way of going about this or changing the setting of the game to not be in a "farm" type area. The game itself did get me a litttttllleee bit, mainly at the "I-Spy" game. Even though i knew what was about to happen it still made me jump a little. So i think that was def a highlight of the experience. Overall with more of your own creative touches in there i think i would rate it higher. I know the game is still in development so this review could easily change in the future depending on what you decide to do with it! ^-^ Sorry about the long comment btw lol. Just thought i'd share how i felt about it

Cranky08 responds:

chapter 1 feels like eye spy, and looks like a farm than pumpkin.
i can add changes tho!
thanks for your response.

This is pretty much a bootleg version of Andy's Apple Farm, but putting that aside there's a few things you should work on. There's a little glitch when you're in the barn and go left until you reach the orange rectangle. It'll softlock you at the bottom of the screen the moment you try to jump over it. There might be other glitches but I don't feel like replaying the game to find them all.
The art could definitely improve although I'll admit it has its charm in a way. There are a few spelling mistakes that could be fixed easily if you'd find somebody to check out the game before uploading it but I guess that's what the NG portal is for kinda? And the speed at which you move is really slow, which isn't too big of a problem now because the game is pretty short, but you should probs keep that in mind for any future games you make.

Other than that I think the game's alright. I'm not sure if the you'll be able to see this comment but if you can: find a way to improve some of the things people have had trouble with and come up with an original story (you could still use the Andy's Apple Farm storyline as a placeholder till you figure out all the debugging stuff.) Really the only reason I rated your submission so low was because it was pretty obviously inspired by Andy's Apple Farm, you might wanna list that in any future submissions so people don't go "Hey I recognize this from somewhere..." and blam it for being unoriginal

Cranky08 responds:

sorry if it seems bad, i just wanted to make a re-imagining version of andy's apple farm.
its still under development, so im still adding things in. sorry for the stuff, i can fix lots of things. thanks. :)

Credits & Info

2.07 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2021
1:36 PM EST