Stick Skating

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hey this is not quite done yet but i just wanted some peoples opinion on my movie... n im thinkin about changing the music... give me any ideas if u have any... im on aim at fe311


Actually not bad,

This is one of the first stick movies i have seen in a while that dont suck.It might even got what it takes to be on the front page.

I guess that it was alright for a debut animation.

I do have a few questions though.
1) Do you actually skateboard?
2) Why didn't you compress the song?
3) How did this get such a good rating?

stupid poser

dude, you suck.

Ok you want my opinion

Ok here are ways to improve your little film here.
1. You do need to have more music
2. Color, more then black and white add some other stuff birds, trees, janitors etc
3. Beef up the people their rather stick figure like
4. A preloader
5. Just think of the first 4 improvements

sorry, you should be

This was pretty much crap. The skateboarding idea was alright, but you completely fucked up.

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Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2003
9:19 PM EST
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