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Undo What Has Been Done

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Author Comments

This game is only a short demo, as it was made in 48 hours for a jam and all of the content is original.

Controls are A & D to move left and right, and mouse to click on objects.

Note: Movement speed and the speed of things generally is quite slow, this was originally intentional but it's obvious now that, by not having the time to get timings right, it's much too slow. I may update in the near future if I get many more complaints.

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Well, the general idea can be interesting, but the game is not only slow. It drags itself. Ok, cool reference, good temporal paradox, but for chrissake, it is kinda slow and not very ellaborate. If the story develops and there is a way to walk faster, can be a great game.

There are no puzzles, no real gameplay and even the story is stupid. There is no reason to care about this character, the one choice they make or anything in the story. The writing sucks and is incredibly ham fsted. Capitalist insanity? C'mon... do try to be more articulate than that. What a waste of time... All content is original? Except for the time travelling Delorean (Which winds up being the only plot device in this nothing sandwich of a game) is straight up ripped from Back to the Future. Art is ok but the style has been done better countless times by a myriad of creators.The pace is so slow- the character walks around like the sullen teenager that probably wrote this game. If you're going to force people to be stuck waiting for dialogue or exposition, it should at least be worth reading

I think a major improvement to this game can be summed up in three words.. Click to advance.

The long lingering text is just pointless. Fine, people who don't want to click can wait the 3.75 years for each statement, the rest of us would be better off with click to advance. As nothing is really happening in this demo the movement speed is only a minor annoyance. Granted, I did walk off to the right (ignoring the house) and found nothing. If there was something else to see or do the movement speed would be a bit of an issue. That being said I wouldn't be butt hurt if you sped up the movement. I am actually still walking, pointless I tell ya.

As far as an intro goes I could see this leading to fun places, but right now it really doesn't go anywhere (unless the third restart is actually the game continuing in which case I am not going to finish the demo because I have been walking to the right for almost an hour now and have no intentions of turning back) it just seems to restart where you left off. I find it interesting that if you but not the car are transported back in time. If the car does come back with you where is it. Why are you not where the car was when you return? Why wait for the car battery to charge when you would have had a charged one in the car. If it is just transporting your mind back into your present body shouldn't you be a baby because you obviously went back in time long enough to make your dead body gone? Why don't you recognize yourself, even if only slightly?

I assume the PC has been walking long enough now that they are just going to die in the wasteland. Doesn't all of this create some minor paradox? And if there is no paradox why not write a message to your future self? Even if you don't intend for the player to walk forever, you should either put up a screen edge rather close to the house (or some kind of warning telling you to turn back) or give the player some kind of fun easter egg for walking a certain distance. Just saying.

All of that being said I am on the fence about how to score this. I mean I see potential here, but it definitely needs a little something.I guess middle of the road will do. I do want to see something more out of this.

blobbyfrank responds:

Quite the essay here. For context, the theme of the game jam this was made for was 'Back to the Future' hence why the delorean is there. With 48 hours to do everything I didn't have time to make sure the time travel aspect was 100% scientifically accurate.
Thanks for taking the time to write this, I'll think about updating it.

so moral of this story get a gun

You definitely need to speed it up.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2021
7:16 PM EST