If you believe

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Free to try to make things right
Free doesn't mean I won't pay a price
But when someone ends up crying
And I thought I was being nice



The music was insanly cool but the animation was not very good.


Frist off intro, well intro was well done, the rain affect added a great touch, and music use was unique. The factory with the workers was very intresting and animations were doll like. Also a neat element in this flash, was the cranks and the machines, coming alive, and the mas prof evil plan. The female character was a nice way to have it flow in with this music vedio, and the special affects playing at the same time , with the vedio work was excelent. As for backrounds very simple and lacked detail, but went well with the setting and current moments and characters. The theme to have workers cramed all away was very dark, but then ended a great funny way.

Overall a very odd music vedio, with some great mixing of flash,vedio, and some dancing, animations were simple, but the use of color flashing and fast paced images were well done.

I Love Your Work

Your certainly going to be marked as one of my favorite authors. You have an amazing gift and i hope you use it to your full advantage. i love the way you made the corporate world full of mindless drones, but in the end showed that perhaps world peace can not be achieved. Brilliant


i once drew a picture of a dude stopping an assembly line of mindless people so i kinda laughed when i saw we were on the same level


This is cool man. I bet its all got some kind of deeper meaning, but im real stupid. It doesnt make any sense but its awesome no the less, i really like it. This music is cool and the graphic effects.

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3.43 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2003
1:27 PM EST
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