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One More Hint

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Author Comments

Warning: The game is intended for ages 13+ due to strong language and some violence.

Game works best in Google Chrome.

Download the game here for a better experience or if you experience bugs.


Also, I want to give a shoutout to the beta testers below for helping me.

Tamien - https://tamien.newgrounds.com/

2Playotnot2play - https://2playotnot2play.newgrounds.com/


  • Press Z, Spacebar or Enter To Accept

  • Press X or ESC for Cancel/Menu

  • Press S To Change Song

  • Press O For One More Hint

  • Use Arrow Keys To Navigate


Inspired by the game "Clue", One More Hint is a mystery game where you have to figure out which emoticon is guilty by the process of elimination. You will utilize in-game clues and hints to determine which emoticon is responsible for the bad or good deed.

Players will have access to an optional feature called "One More Hint." This feature will give you access to an additional hidden clue to help you solve the mystery. "One More Hint" will also include minigames, "Finger Rumble" & "Guess The Number."


"One More Hint" has a very simple learning curve and can be played by almost anyone regardless of their skill level. On-Screen controls will be visible during gameplay to help the player. "One More Hint" has high replay value and includes a scoring system to keep track of your progress. A "One More Hint" option is available for players that get stuck or require additional assistance.


"Finger Rumble" is a reaction based game against the CPU. Try to beat the CPU by pressing the button that appears on screen before the computer does. First to 10 wins.

"Finger Rumble" will have three difficulty levels. The levels are rookie, champion, and god. "Rookie" is for beginners. "Champion" will be for the more advanced players and "God" is reserved for the elite players.

"Guess The Number" is a numbers riddle game. Your objective is to determine which riddle belongs to the number on the screen.




  • Unique Gameplay

  • Funny Commentary

  • Replay Value

  • Multiple Game Levels

  • Scoring System

  • 20 Original Songs Composed By ZeroDigitZ

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Interesting game. It felt like a series of unrelated mini games in one game. No real universal theme. The numbers game was a bit tough because even when I'd guess it right, a bunch of them had no clear answer. Alternatively, maybe I'm not aware of some popular saying/pop culture thing. Would've been nice if there were explanationgs after so we can all enjoy it.

The satisfaction of getting some of the emojis right weren't really there for me. I suppose it's because the process of elimination wasn't a "it could NOT havee been ____" I got all of them only because he/she would be "the most likely one" but again, some riddles didnt completely rule out the other ones.

Over all, I gave it a 3 because even if I played it for a while, it was still buggy and the game felt rushed. You guys have a lot of potential to do more

This is a new twist on the old " who done it?" game. The clues can be helpful, if you know how to put them all together. If not, you will have to work on your guessing skills. A ran into a bug when the game would not load. I have to reset twice, to actually start.

this game is so fun! i would love to see more levels

Bit of an odd duck, this game. For one, there was a lot of control issues with this game that really annoyed me. For one, I couldn't even start the game for the longest time since it didn't accept my inputs: for some reason, it expected me to hold the Z key to start instead of just pressing it. From then I did notice that inputs always felt really laggy and delayed, so maybe there's something weird going on at the core for reading inputs. Learning the game was weird as well since, for some reason, despite 'One More Hint' being the primary title game, the tutorial initially teaches you one of the other games instead: why?

Anyway, looking past the initial confusion and wonky controls, the game itself was also a bit mixed. I did like the concept of reading through various clues to find out the culprit, and I liked the little touches like the culprits speaking as you hover over their options. However, and maybe this is just me being stupid, but the clues didn't make much sense to me at times. Mostly they always felt like vague, emotional, circumstantial statements, instead of laws or facts that you can deduce from, and I never felt I could use them to reach a solid conclusion (maybe that's 'realistic' but doesn't make it fun). It didn't help either that the game kept paging away automatically while I was still trying to read the clues, making the whole experience even more frustrating. Would much prefer if the clues would fit on a single page or if we could control when it flips pages. It's kind of pointless as well since if you fail, you can just go back and eliminate the answers one-by-one since the puzzle doesn't change and it'll reward you the same in the end anyway.

I see others have also noticed : The "auto text changing", being cut off in the middle of reading/thinking... a button would def help here. This really is a huge turn-off for me.

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2021
12:07 PM EST