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Little Demons

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nice game i think i killed over 20 link looking fuckers

I really enjoyed this!
You made a wave shooter that had enough complexity to where I still had to keep track of some things even if I was just spamming.

Some suggestions I have:
*Make the rangers shoot at me! It would make them more of a threat, and I think it'd still be fine since they only take a few hits to kill.

*I think the addition of some different enemies for the knights in particular would help. Perhaps one that overall moves faster, but only moves in small bursts (hops like a frog?)

*I think you could do with shortening the overall layout, I had part of my screen cut off and was doing just fine. With a tighter screen, it would make enemies like the wizard and skeleton feel like bigger threats, and would help the knights feel less lame.

*I think it might be fun to have 'levels' set up with different enemy types slowly being incorporated. It might be hard to implement, but perhaps a small display pops up the first time you see a new enemy, telling you what they do? If you do, it might help to make it optional (i.e. an option to disable it when starting the game)

*Some enemy types I thought of were:
*One that creates one large bouncing ball on death that lasts until the player 'kills' it
*One that creates a delayed 'homing' attack on death (projectiles spins in circle for 1-1.5 sec, then dashes towards the player's current position -does not continue homing after dash-)
*Same as default wizard, but projectiles are more chaotic on death
*One that spawns cover/terrain the player needs to shoot down
*One that only spawns one or two projectiles but 'freezes' the player for a bit instead of dealing damage when they hit (Player needs to mash space to get out, create prompt above them to help indicate?)

*The 'frog-hop' idea
*One that moves ahead before stopping and charging up and then moving even faster (glass cannon, very low health)
*One that occasionally stops to 'shield' (blocks shots until he gets back up)

*One that creates a pile of bones on death that reanimates after some time (this may be too difficult, make it slower to compensate? Also, maybe a visible timer over the pile counting down)
*One that moves a bit slower, but moves diagonally
*One that 'digs' and then reappears (perhaps a visual cue of the excavation before it comes back up to help?)

*One that fires faster shots, but moves around less and fires less often
*One that fires more than once in a row but rarely moves
*One that fires a triple-shot, but does not aim at the player and only occasionally 'hops' diagonally
(Sorry, this just got my creative brain running. Love the concepts!)

*Speaking of additions, I like the idea of power-ups, but think the game may need to be positioned differently in order to confuse players less (i.e. being top-to-bottom instead of bottom-to-top). Not necessary, but it may be more confusing if it isn't.

*On non-enemy terms, I think just holding down the button to shoot would be more convenient and provide some levels of difficulty (since you could just mash your button to destroy and move left and right to dodge)

*Small visual details on the lanes? Maybe some cacti, a cow skulls, things like that.

Liked the music, enjoyed the designs, loved the concepts here!
Good luck on future updates or projects!

BigBangGames responds:


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this review. I made sure to read every word of it. It made my day.

I do plan to update this project more in the future with the features you've included and a few more. This started a small project that I wanted to make when I had downtime for larger projects, but I can see this growing into something more than what it was intended to be.

I'll be using these ideas in the future.

Interesting, but too easy
If the music is original then i sorta like it

BigBangGames responds:

Agreed. Working on some updates to help with the difficulty along with some power ups. It could use some other enemy types.

Thank you for your review! :)

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2021
4:31 AM EST