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Ninja Frog

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Author Comments

Hi, this is the prototype of my game, and also the first thing that has ever been made by myself without any tutorials. Ninja Frog is about a young frog which really wants to become the best ninja on the frog planet. You can try to help making his dream come true. If you have any ideas how to improve my game, please write them in comments. Have fun!

If you want to download this game, click link below.


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This works pretty well, but there are a few things that need adjustment.
Some suggestions I have include:
*I would recommend finding out a way to more concisely use hit points. There were times I was able to run into a chicken on purpose, kill it, and then beat the level with a negative health. Figuring out 'invincibility frames' and 'measurable health' are important with games that use enemies in platforming (of course, this isn't necessary. There are plenty of successful platformers that forgo any kind of health/make you die in one hit (Super Meat Boy comes to mind).

*Collisions on some hitboxes are strange. The fruit entities cannot be shot through, which is kind of strange.

*You can shoot infinitely. While not a major problem, it could cause problems in the future, trivializing enemies by making your player too powerful. Perhaps some kind of ammo/reloading mechanic to disincentivize the player from just spamming it all the time.

*Minor detail: Loved the dash/jump dust, but it also appears if you turn around mid-air

*The repeating grass stomp got a bit old after a bit. Sound design can be crucial to a game in some cases. If you use a noise that players don't enjoy, and they hear it constantly, it can stop them from wanting to continue. I think that a softer footstep would work here. On a similar note: While I do like what you did with the forest noises, the parallax/background fit it better than any of the platforms/levels did. Making the platforms more organically fit each other would probably help (a good example is how Super Mario Maker connects your tiles when using ground blocks)

Good luck! I hope you enjoy all the time you spend designing!

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2021
9:24 AM EST