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Tether Buds

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High Scores

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Author Comments

Smitt and Gladle, a couple of good buds, decided to tackle the "Tether Terror" challenge. A test of their cooperation and spatial recognition. This will not be easy, but they are determined to prove their friendship with a high score!

This game is intended to be played by a single person, controlling both characters with both hands. The beginning rounds should offer ample time to control them one-at-a-time. Additionally feel free to play with a friend.

This game was developed in 48 HOURS for the GMTK Game Jam 2021! The theme is Joined Together. The player controls a pair of buds that must maintain a tether between each other in order to complete their objectives.

It rankedĀ #286 Overall. There were just over 5800 submissions.

Keyboard Controls:

  • WASD: Movement for Smitt and Menu Navigation
  • Arrow Keys: Movement for Gladle
  • Space: Menu Select

Gamepad Controls:

  • D-Pad or Left Stick: Movement for Smitt and Menu Navigation
  • Right Stick: Movement for Gladle
  • A: Menu Select

This game was programmed in Construct 3.

All art and sfx (c) copyright 2021, Tim Anfilofieff. It was made using Aseprite and FL Studio respectively.

All music purchased from and (c) copyright, Andrey Sitkov. https://soundcloud.com/muzstation-game-music

This took me a while to get over to Newgrounds, partly because I procrastinated, but also because of an odd bug that was hard to fix, Newgrounds API being slowly deprecated in the Construct 3 engine, and other things.

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Cute game, its fun and original, i like the music is so goooood

JauqGames responds:

Glad you like it. Thanks for playing!

14th for the year :D cute fun puzzle game

JauqGames responds:

Cool to hear, thanks for playing!

The graphics look great for pixel art. Learning to control both characters at once can take a minute to master. It can be a little to difficult at first.

JauqGames responds:

Indeed, it can be tricky to get ahold of, but I'm glad to hear you managed. Thanks for playing!

Wow, really nice stuff here! Felt like an all-around solid game in terms of both having an interesting concept/mechanic that was explained well and just being solidly constructed and fun to play. Excellent presentation, with both gameplay elements as well as the title screen/intro being very smooth, juicy and professional looking which gave an excellent first impression. I had a good time trying to scramble both players simultaneously to beat the clock, and I was a little surprised to see that the levels looked to be randomly generated on replays, since it felt like the obstacles were always crafted with purpose and intention, so kudos on that algorithm (or maybe I got lucky RNG, haha). Speaking of replays, that would probably be the only downside of the game at the moment, in that due to how long games can potentially get, it did kind of make me adverse to play it multiple times since it was so arduous to get back to where I got previously, especially since it felt like a game which could've been fine level-by-level with a set amount of time each instead of a survival where you need to build up time. But hey, the game was a great experience nonetheless, so nice work!

JauqGames responds:

I appreciate all of this feedback Monthly Reviewer Man, thanks for writing a nice and long review. Levels are, in fact, procedurally generated (I find it easier to make many levels this way, especially when a 48 hour game jam time limit is at play). I will admit that the gameplay is a bit slow considering the fact its a highscore-type game, but I felt it was a good pace for the more puzzle-y gameplay presented. Still the gameplay does lend itself better to a level-by-level system something I will definitely consider in a potential sequel.

Man, really interesting mechanic, super hard once you reach a certain point, but also super rewarding and thoughtful, really cool game

JauqGames responds:

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2021
8:54 PM EST
  • FL Studio
  • Aseprite
  • Construct 3