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Lavron's Labyrinth

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Author Comments


ARROWS to move

SPACE to place a bomb

P to pause

Anyways, here's the plot:

The evil Lord Lavron has kidnapped Myra and taken her back to his labyrinth! Play as her boyfriend Miko and go through 16 floors collecting keys and blowing up enemies!

Can you make it through Lavron's Labyrinth?

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its a pretty good game i like it alot but i did find a glitch, if you kill one of the guys then place a bomb on their spawn they'll stop spawning, idk if you wanna fix it or its intentional but i did find it


Like Pacman and Bomberman combined hmm. I like the idea, and the design, audio, cutscenes and all - feels pretty elaborate. One thing you could maybe improve is have a bit more consistent control keys, so you can for example use the same set for both menu and gameplay? Either have it possible to control the character with WASD too, or use arrow keys in the menu? Felt like it's not really intuitive the way it is. You get used to one set of keys before you start the game, then have to switch to another real quick.

Apart from that I'm having a blast with it so far. Nice work.


pretty cool pacman clone

I just beat it
4-3 was so hard I got so mad
but eventually I beat it and 4-4 was easy
and I beat the game

Anosoft responds:

It was inspired more off of Lode Runner.

I was expecting this to be another boring PAC-Clone, but the addition of the bombs/needing to exit/monster movement definitely helped make it fun and distinguish it from a lot of the others.

To reiterate, a few of the things I really enjoyed:
*The bomb mechanic created a unique amount of strategy in order to prevent yourself from being cornered, while not making it so easy as the monsters would be unable to approach you at all.
*The placement of an exit for all the keys being collected makes that final key collection feel more tense, and creates a sense of "I'm almost there" to the player during a level.
*The ratio of monsters movement to their spawn rate helped distinguish them and make them all annoying in their own way (Pink was my worst offender. I always tried to get their keys at the beginning).
*The slow buildup of adding more monsters with that ratio of movement/spawn timer definitely helped increase the difficulty up towards the end.
*In addition, the monster's ability to turn back if they think they moved too far makes them feel more alive and dynamic than the ghosts from PAC-MAN itself occasionally.
*The setup of 16 levels/4 stages made the game feel like an accomplishment with every step closer I came to the last level. I'll admit, I didn't expect there to be much to this one. You surprised me!

However, this isn't to say that I don't think that there aren't any improvements you could make. Some suggestions I have are:
*I think giving each bomb a cooldown after the explosion would make the strategy of using them feel a lot more impactful. While I do think it's interesting, I did find myself using a bomb to destroy whichever monster was in front of me, moving past the explosion, and then placing a bomb to destroy whoever was on my tail. Perhaps a large bomb icon that grays out/displays a cooldown timer after the explosion?
*I think a title theme, cutscene them, and maybe a track per stage would help create more atmosphere to the levels. I loved hearing that spawn jingle and wished there were more small, catchy tunes like it in the game.
*Perhaps the addition of a 'score' display? I think adding score based on time (a timer that increases per stage i.e. 100s,200s,300s,400s or something like that), the keys you collect, and maybe points for killing the monsters (although that's debatable considering how you could farm for extra points). This is one of my weaker suggestions. I don't think it would work as well with public leaderboard as it would if it was simply a personal high score or something along those lines.

Thank you so much for this game! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Anosoft responds:

Thank you very much! It took me awhile to make this, since i'm doing this on my own without any help what so ever. Not to mention I have a job and college to do. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2021
4:00 AM EST