REAL Jackassparady ep.1

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Sorry i messed up on the first try of uploading this movie. it should work now. Its a silent film making fun of all the kids who try to copy jackass.


what...the fuck is this shit

what is this piece of ****************************

Man that was shit and thats nuffin what it like. me and my mate havedone our own little one and all we have is good reviews. you really need to work on everything . i wouldnt be suprised if this was your best flash

Why would you post this garbage twice?

Why would you post this garbage twice? Heres my review from the other one...

Utterly Terrible, was hoping for something good seeing the name "jackass" and all... but now i regret wasting minutes of my life for this flash video. Horrible graphics, text doesn't stay up long enough, 1 paragraph actually does stay up for a while, the res are too fast. Sound doesn't work, not to mention the "Play" button is very tricky, can't just click anywhere, gotta find the right spot... NOT funny at all either, even if they had a good storyline for this, the graphics absolutely ruin anything that could be considered funny because it just doesn't show enough detail to be able to get a laugh.

I give this an absolute 0/10

Graphics - 0/10 (Terrible)
Style - 0/10 (What style?)
Sound - 0/10 (Doesn't Work)
Violence - 0/10 (Gfx suck too bad/doesn't show any)
Interactivity - 0/10 (Hard to click play button..)
Humour - 0/10 (Definately NOT funny)

I'm sorry

No offence, but even I had better submissions that that. and they had sound...and color, and it was funnier. don't forget better animated, althoughi used sticks. oh, and it was longer.

Now I know how it's like to be an asshole...It feels kinda good. But i do pitty you because the highest score is a four on this submission. I don't really want to know how your others went. but one question - is this your first submission, because it looks like it. i can tell be the game thing. thanks for making something that everyone can laugh at. I know I did.

What the hell?

Good concept, I'll give you that. But first off, this is obviously NOT a game, and then you need to make the play link bigger, like the whole images-worth bigger instead of the Y? Words moved too quickly to be able to read, and I love to read and I can read pretty damn fast, so that oughta tell you something. No music, but music is credited. Not so great graphics. Step it up next time man! You've got the right idea tho.

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1.92 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2003
4:35 PM EST
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