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Rated TV-MA

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Author Comments

The following program is rated TV-MA. But why?

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Meh, pretty good.

Ya need a spell check and better voice-overs

Why didn't you record them to perfection? While the spontaneity and writing you had made this a pretty funny piece, some of your stumbles brought the overall rating down.

Don't get me wrong, this was about one of the funniest one-kid recordings I've heard in a long time (dare I say it reminded me of when I was 14?) and you seem pretty ahead of the curve. If you want better ratings, just use spell check and record it like you've rehearsed it.

Good job overall though.

MrCongeniality responds:

I had to do multiple recordings to get this right. I did create the graphics first actually, as you can probably tell, notice how I say "Oh crap time's up", I was watching Flash in the background and noticed that that a keyframe was about to end (it was the one that would lead into the next scene), and if I didn't hurry I would throw the flow and pace off. I can also say when I was reading the scrolling text, I know I had fucked up on one part, but my technical knowledge with sound wasn't as good as it is now, and damn, if I hadn't of lost this FLA file I would of edited the sound using Sony Vegas or Acid Pro or even Soundforge. Oh yeah, I was 16 (2 months shy of 17) at the time of this movie's conception. So yeah...you overestimated me. :P

Thanks for the review!

dumb ass

It might be funny IF
A. you could read your own script
B. Your voice DIDN'T make me want to die
C. you came up with an original idea instead of copying "Monty Python's: The search for the Holy Grail" opening credits.
D. You didn't suck huge monkey balls.

MrCongeniality responds:

In respond to your points:
A. I can read just fine.
B. Good thing I didn't start moaning.
C. What the bloody hell does this have to do with Monty Python? Although I understand there is some resemblance to the opening credits of the movie you've mentioned, I haven't "copied" it. The TV ratings system wasn't even introduced at the time that movie was created.
D. Bestiality is evil. I will say I like to suck balls, however.

stop it with the weird voices!

ok but it was quite annoying. and leave disney alone!

nice job

that was pritty funny good job