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Heaven's Ring

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Cherubic 25 Points

Beat the game

Angelic 50 Points

Beat the game under 5 minutes

Seraphic 100 Points

Beat the game under 1 minute

Author Comments



Uh oh! Your angel dropped you off the tower of Heaven! Make your way back up the tower in this cute precision platformer!


Arrow Key - Move

Space - Jump / Dash

Hold down as you time your dash right before it hits the ground to gain extra height, if you hit space while you're in the air you'll dash higher up too! Try to avoid the skulls, they'll bounce you all over the place!


@dreamcastgh0st - Art, animation, code, design. Please follow me on twitter, this is not begging, it's a formal request.

@boople__art - Cutscenes, backgrounds, music

@brethudson - Newgrounds API programming help

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On one hand, apart from the lack of sound effects, I thought this was a pretty neat precision platformer with solid presentation and a decent set of mechanics and obstacles to go through, and I always like a challenge.

But on the other hand, I had a really frustrating time with this game in contending with the controls: for some reason I just couldn't get the bounce to work consistently, particularly when trying to go for height, as it just felt random on whether it would get height or not. I tried all sorts of different methods to get it to work but it felt like I had to fight the game every inch of the way just to have it work with me.

Even taking my issues with the bounce away, the game just felt overly slippy/bouncy and too fast all-around, as well as way too short with the levels getting way too hard too fast to make up for that shortness. A good attempt, but precision platformers like this need to be extra solid with their controls to make everything feel fair, and this felt very confusing in that regard.

booplesnoot69 responds:

we might do an expansion in the future, the game was made in two days for a jam so there wasn’t much time for me to make sound effects, sorry for any inconvenience! 💙 i’m glad you enjoyed it at the very least though ^-^

There's no option to resize window, I have to zoom out browser page. Everything looks so rough
Also, skulls are really annoying

Controls are nice and tight, albeit a bit slippery when on the ground, making it hard to dodge spikes. Animations are nice and bouncy, and the protagonist is fun

A bit unwieldy to control, but it's a fun game with a lot of replayability just to get that sub-minute score. Level 4 is definitely the most finicky of the lot, and it can be really annoying trying to thread those narrow gaps.

Also, 51.63 seconds. \o/