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Anti-"A Lesson"

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i saw that shitty " a lesson " and decided to retalliate for mynation. fuck you canadians.

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what the f***

what ever did the canadians do to u


I am a Canadian, and I enjoy a bit of Canadian stereotypes if they're tasteful and funny. This however, is straight up racism. This is offensive, and wrong. I feel the same way about "A Lesson."
I don't care what the reason was for this horrible excuse for a flash animation, but it reserved it's place in hell, the second that it's concept was conceived in your tiny, shriveled brain. PERIOD.

I think you need to get a life

I agree that shooting the Flag is wrong, on BOTH sides. this is just a flash and your way of saying something. all the Power to you, it is your right of Freedom of Speech. just try not to step over the Line, and for the Canadain that did his Flash I will be reviewing that next to leave very much the same post.

Now For the reviewers, you all have big "Maws" but can you all back it up. there is a lot of stress on both sides of the boarder, I have many friends on bothsides and we seem to get along. why cant you? but if you think for one moment that You are better then the other, think again, because you are not. Canada and the USA both need one another, believe it or not I care not but it is true. a Very large percent of Items that Canada has goes to the States as well as the same way back but not as great a volume. for one Washinton (sorry if I spelled that wrong) on the West Coast OWES British Columbia Money for Lumber, and Power that BC is only seeing a very small number in money come back. You think you are soo great that you do not have to pay your bills? what if we are to just cut that, hmmm I see a fight starting. before you start Bitching at one another read the facts, i am very much tired of hearing this over and over. Hell Canada has tryed its best to help you all out, but do you see it.... No (well I should not say that, because there are a few that do. Thank you) just look into it and see what Canada has really done for you, but the US seems to hide things like that pretty well. Sad really.

Its Canucks not kanucks. and I am Canadain


this totaly sucks, shame on you!


I thinks the person who made this movie had less brain then the "his canadian vision"

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2.49 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2000
8:03 PM EST