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Fear Society 2

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Author Comments


This game has five different stories with multiple endings and game scores.

Good Ending and 3 stars is the best score.

Bad Ending and 1 star is the worst score.

"Detention" is about a junior high school student who can't seem to stay out of trouble. He is constantly being sent to detention for disciplinary measures. He ends up getting in trouble again and is sent to detention one more time...but this time it is different. This time it may be his last.

"Midnight Will Come" is not your typical horror story. The story is about a village under attack by an unknown force that only appears after midnight.

"Room 303" is nothing but pure horror. The story centers around a woman who vanishes after a visit to a strange hotel.

“No Witness” tale will give you goosebumps. Follow the lead detective in his pursuit to solve a murder mystery.

“The Call” will make you think twice about answering the phone. The call is another urban legend story about a teenager who will wish she never picked up the phone.

Download it here if you run into any problems.


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My only negative is that i wish it was WASD instead, its harder to play with only one hand

Greatly enjoyed the homicide detective story! It felt like those old-school Resident Evil games! Looking around, searching for clues, and so on.

Room 303 was strange, it felt a bit like it was going to be a supernatural story where the hotel basically eats people, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! The vibe was super creepy, and it did a good job of making me look around for things.

The Call was super creepy, running around finding all the clues was cool, but I think I just kept messing up and couldn't properly finish the story, since all I got was the bad ending.

The story with Winthrop instantly put me on edge when I got to the cabin. That voice's response was unnerving as fuck. The story itself was quite sad, but a good kind of sad! It really tugged on the heart strings, it was well written.

Detention was pretty good, as someone who was somewhat of a troublemaker in school, I totally felt at home immediately, though I wasn't really good at solving the problems, I enjoyed them. They were challenging!

I enjoyed the game a lot. Can't wait for the next!

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks, I will be releasing a new game this Friday.

dude you made me so happy i loved fear society one so much

ZeroDigitZ responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I might do a third version sometime next year. Thanks for the review.

Interesting gameplay stories. I like that not all of the games have good or bad endings. Sometimes there's neutral ones too. I also like that the scary story about the village is reminiscent of the first game with the people telling stories to each other. Although I would have liked to see them telling more stories to each other.

The Old School detention is just a remake of an earlier game you made, right?

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Old school detention is the same gameplay/story as the demo version.

Played all 5/6 games and have to say this was pretty good.
And yes I say this has 5-6 games as old school and new school are quite different both in style and story, only sharing setting. Although new school is rather shorter and simpler than the rest of the games.
Any significance to the newspapers you find between the games?
in Old school detention Is it Willard in the locker to the left? That would add another dimension to the story for sure.
Would have been nice to use the mouse on the menu at the start, easier and makes it possible to use on Tablet/phone.
it also crashed 3 times every time midway in the 4th story played in a random order run.
Why I completed all story with 3 stars but never saw the effect of the newspapers.
Well except new school where I only did 1 2 star run.
Giving you only half a star for that one as it¨s probably related to me using browser version.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

I had a hard time implementing achievements for this game on this site so I added my own score based system which revolves around collecting newspapers. If you collect all the newspapers for each story it will give you the best score.

It wasn't Willard in the locker. It was just my attempt at making the game scarier.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2021
11:03 AM EDT