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Author Comments



The Horror Sequel To The Worst Game I've Released

RUNKIN Was Released On The 3rd Of November Last Year (Nov 3, 2020) And Is What I Believe To Be The Worst Thing I've Made & Released.

Thanks To Julian For The Music And Everyone Else Who Has Been Supporting Me.


This Is My First Official Try At Doing Online Multiplayer If It Doesn't Work I'm Sorry I'm Stupid.

If You Can't Get Into The Server It Might Be Full Since It Can Only Host 20 People At Once.


Fixed Small Issue With Connecting With Other Regions, Plus Added A Quick Restart Button In The Game Over Screen (Press "R" To Restart)



"WASD" - Movement

"R" - Jump

"T" - Sprint

If Playing Local Coop:


"Arrow Keys" - Movement

". (Full Stop Button)" - Jump

"? (Question Mark Button)" - Sprint


"R" - To Restart

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Ha I have to say this game was actually pretty fun the 3/D element was nice and has some really smooth controls and gets started right away was pretty fun indeed, This is a really good functional yet also underrated game with some good stylization you have added all the right amenities making it a unique and fun 3/D like game


im just scored 1 point rip

i love this game a lot so im gonna leave a long winded cheesey review *ahem*

An addicting game that will be sure to have you coming back for another attempt, sure to please all fans of endless runners.

Very simple idea and mechanics that have a surprising amount of replayability, There is a bit of a learning curve for the first few attempts. But once you can get past a 5 or 6 score thats where the real fun begins. I think a big part of why it keeps you so engaged is wanting to go a little further to hear the next piece of music, theres no level change but the music adds to the sense of progression and you get real excited when you reach a part you havent heard before.

Theres also a unique sense to the map, where most endless runners would have the camera facing where youre going, the camera is positioned so that you see the monster chasing you and your view of whats ahead being very limited. I think it definitely creates a nice sense of really being chased that you dont get which most games of this ilk.

There are a few bugs here and there, some minor collision issues and most notably the multiplayer servers bugging out most of the time (Though you can still get a mostly working match out of it occasionally) The controls are also a bit hard to get used to, but its fine after a few attempts youll be used to it.

Some tips I could give:

-Dont spring while on the ground unless you have to when the monster gets too close, save your sprints for ONLY when youre jumping. This will help a lot with maintaining your speed and ALSO help you land

-Be aware of what side the platforms are on and learn how to predict the direction the next one will come, they seem to be randomized in what order they appear (I may be wrong) but certain platforms will follow others, like for example the smaller left/right platforms. Try to jump as soon as you see the end of the platform enter the screen. Try and jump towards the middle if possible, so you can accommodate for if the platforms come from an unexpected side.

-Some collision glitches can be used to your advantage. For example, if you get stuck on a pumpkin, try and run between the center of 2 pumpkins a lot of the times it will launch your forward into a jump. You can also slide a bit on the edges of the platforms which can be useful if you have a near-fall. And make sure to keep jumping if you dont quite reach the ledge! spam jump a few times and youll be up to safety. Make sure to run a bit after to catch back up. Also, if you fall through a platform after landing, unfortunately theres no way to make use of that glitch :c so youre kind of screwed.

Anyways, sorry for writing such a long review but Im a huge fan of endless runners and this definitely scratched the itch :) it may have a few bumps and kinks here and there but its still a very very well executed simple idea!

A really fun skill-based game that takes me back to playing run on cool math games.
It's difficulty and mechanics are addictive.
Oscura is always especially good at taking what seems like a simple Idea and making it into a really challenging and complex game that's rewarding to play over and over.

I'm sure I'm going to spend an obscene amount of hours trying to beat Julian's rigged high score. so I'm glad there is a reset button.

I hope I can try out the multiplayer in the future when I'm better at the game.

The sprites and art style are entertaining. delightfully surprised to see the return of Oscura's characters. The redesigns are great aswell.
Julian's music fits super well as always and is amazing!

Can't wait to see what will come out next month whatever it will be (unless your planning on taking a break then just whenever it happens)

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2021
12:20 AM EDT
  • Unity