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Trick Or Treat!

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Okok, I admit, I submitted this before but it got blammed, but I made improvments.

By the way, it's meant to be SO dumb that it's funny. (In other words, if you think "Wtf was that?!" then that was what I was aiming for you to think.

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What the fucking shit was that crap?!


i remember you!!! your that miscreant who dissed on SMFU!!


lol i think that man was funny when he went "aaaarrr" it was really funny, i dont see why other ppl dont find it funn,y i guess im just a weirdo....it was funny tho =)

Just a little bit short

But you are still my godess!!

what the

why the hell do the ghost outfit look like a dick damn man is your sister that perverted that she wore a pale lookin dick for holloween and dont tell me when you are with her your dressed as balls, well nvm sense yall live in japan i guess its imposibble to tell what one looks like and i no you wont answer back to this cuz u no its all true
and lookin at my profile is funner then this shit


TomokoSasaki responds:

I looked at your profile, its gay, i laughed. Then i looked at my flash. It's good, i laughed more. I guess that concludes the "your profile is funnier" test. Oh well. By the way, you write like a retard, when you reach puberty or even 10years old, come back and try and talk proper english, none of this "RiPpEd" shit. Totally gay if you ask me.

Just cos a white ghost reminds you of your own, white, pale, shriveled dick, doesn't mean you have to ruin my master peice of an animation for yourself.

anyoneFUCKOFFee? You. RIPPED 10x!

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3.14 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2003
7:14 AM EST