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Cherdehar said:
I am humbled... This is one of the greatest flashes i have ever seen. Its ppl like you who inspire me to make flash movies. For those of you all killing and drugs n shit. Fuck u go fuck a cow and murder ppl yourself! You obviously cant apreciate art. So wut the bird didnt bring out a bazooka and blwo the shit out of the falcon! Pluss if your comp froze watching this, GO BUY A BETTER COMP U POOR ASS! Bet you pl never tried making a flash i cant even imagine how long this would take.

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Wow this is a sad animation

This is beautiful, awesome, and yet so heartbreaking at the same time. Who knew that a blue-footed booby could be so sympathetic?

That was beautiful! I really am impressed at how strong you made these emotions. The animation was quite good. I was in no way expecting this. I thought it would just be a video about nature. I guess that's what documentaries are for.

The music was great. I heard that before, but had no idea it was from Bjork! Then again, you did use various audio. I really did feel bad for that baby bird. It looks like it will still be hard to take care of it.

Words to describe: none


The music was phenomenal, the art was beautiful, and the story was heart-breaking. I absolutely loved it and I hope to see more that you've done. :)