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Infinite Justice

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Author Comments

Jejej, just reading the reviews...I suck as a storyteller:)...so what u see is scenes of battle between God's angels n Satan's angels when Satan declared war on God. This mixed with scenes of life on Earth: death, destruction, war n the like. In the end, God wins the battle. The world is crap. God's own son is killed by God, when God triumphs. Final face (God's face) has got an evil grin, meaning God is evil. Personally I'm an atheist, I don't give a shit aboot God being good or evil, coz it doesn't exist. Yet I liked the idea when I had it. I guess I didn't find the rite way to tell it at all:)

Mmmm, the guy with the trident is Satan, the guy with the crownish whatever is God. Rite.

It's aim is not beign a funny movie (hope nobody votes high on humour...), yet it's not the first serious movie i see in newgrounds, so i decided to upload it. It's my first flash movie, I've done some games i might submit soon, but i had never done just a movie, n i like the result. So whatever, it'd be cool getting a review or two. N some good votes too:)

Disclaimer: I've got nothing against God (just as much as i've got nothing against superman, or any other fiction character). I don't like religions in general, but i don't think that's in the movie. Yet, I don't mean to insult God him/her/itself with this movie. I'll go to church this sunday n my sins will be forgiven.

PS: How do u link sounds for actionscript without the sounds loaded in the first frame?(so that the preloader shows progress while loading the sounds too)

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couldnt care for religion

im not takin the religious debate here i just think it was a sloppy flash didnt enjoy it


That was terrible in so many ways I can't even begin. I find it funny that when God loses terrible things happen, like the rise of Hitler (by the way Hitler was involved in the occult, not sure if you knew that or not) and yet you make the end a terrible thing like "oh no God won, it's terrible!!!" as if God is in some way evil. You also (like many atheists) only look at the part of the Christian story you want to see, Jesus dies and God wins, having murdered his son. You skip the part where Jesus rises from the dead and claims glorious triumph, and becomes the salvation of mankind, and where the holy spirit falls upon the earth and we can now once again have reunion with God...the victory God wins is not so depressing as you seem to think...

Now that aside you must've seen other flashes here no newgrounds, they are very compettetive and welldone, which is why I have you such a low rating even on the technical side. I know this is your first flash, and is probably pretty old, but the graphics and animation are not that great, and don't do much for me. The concept was really cool, showing a spiritual war and how it affects the physical world, thus I give high points on style, but you failed to make the concept work as well as it could have...

All in all this was a failure in too many ways for me to even give this more than a 0, I'm sorry...

Piece of shit.

Atheists have got to be the biggest group of miserable morbid fucks on the planet. Out of every group of faith I have seen, I have never met one as reluctant and intollerant of other beliefs as atheism. They see only misery in life, and thus conclude that no God exists, completly deluded from the concept of free will. Just about everything terrible that has happened was done by someone else's free will, you can't blame God for that. And the only real examples these pricks can come up with is the Crusades, which were actually done by SECULAR people using a twisted and untrue version of the faith to do what they did. A REAL religious person doesn't believe in murder, and certainly not war.

I mean seriously, they have show more anger toward other faiths than any other. It's not a simple matter of "I simply choose not to believe what you believe." Instead it's "Everything you believe in is full of shit, only I am right, fuck everyone else!"

Over 5 and a half billion people, if not more, believe in some form of faith, so apprantly YOU are the ones who don't get it.

a little conflicting in your story

i am not an atheist and i will not call my self agnostic... i do not belive in a hire being which is the basic definitions of both tems.......man invented god to explain himself and the universe he is so terrible ignorant of, he uses god as an excuse and weapon to destroy things and people he finds unexplainabely different from himself and his own creeds offcourse these are very general and sterotypical views of god sanctuioned murder and oppresion......we are consiquentually insignificant bi-products of an annumolus cosmical incident....wich a inept belgian scientest thoerized was the result of all existance contrived at a single piont of mass and then exploded/ diffused from i guess would be an exceptable term and was dubbed by the idotic mediocracey of yes men the big bang on witch leaped the late pope jhon paul II and his army of pseudo-intelligent uber christans to say that god was the very catalyst of creation...how convienent we are the pinical of evolution on eath as all life must form in greatest simplicity in harsh enviorments and through the manipulation of chemical reactionsand mutation of inherent genetic material where applied life doth go on....and as much as i hate to say it and be labled a scientoligist science is the god of us all but we throgh observation and expeirmenting must discover and recored our own text in witch are infallible to all realities unlike the easily rewriteble and breakeable 10 comandments


just cause i want to im giving everything a 10

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2003
6:32 PM EST