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Fat Bitch

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wait till the end to get the message of my movie or your'll be fat, this movie is just a joke, i'm thinking of making a skank bitch movie, also i think that it's important to let people know that the reason why people submit there movies is to get feeback on them so they can make a better movie, if ya don't like it fine whatever, that's you, but you don't have to attack the author of a movie just cause it sucks, more so if you never created a movie

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lol first comment since 2005.

First off

(On the authors commentary)A plea if I've ever heard one. A bunch of words, and a poor MS paint picture of your much hated 'fat chick'. If you or even a small part of the human race deserved to occupy this planet, this would have been blammed long ago. This was just blatant hate propaghanda with no discernable message otherwise. You must have still been going through puberty when you created this, because I remember messages like this being passed along the boys in my middle school classes. Pathetic at best.


I hate fat chicks too.

what the fuck!!

that was fucking stupid but its true i hate fat bitches that want me to call them ahh god their fat


omg? afraid of a woman wit a bit of meat on them?skinny girls look like 12 yr old boys, a real woman has curves.obv you cant handle REAL WOMEN. fair enough you did it as a joke and im not gonna sit here slaggin you off,i wouldnt waste my time.but if you're gonna make a flash,make one thats worth viewing.