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19 - Forty Hell V0.2

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Mission Start 5 Points

Shoot down your first enemy

Level 1 Complete 10 Points

Escaped Level 1

Level 2 Complete 10 Points

Escaped Level 2

Mission Complete 25 Points

Escape all 3 Levels

Hell Mode God 50 Points

Unlock Hell Mode, then get a score of 250,000 or higher...

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

TO REPORT BUGS: Please DM me directly, with a brief explanation so I can fix it (Screenshots are huge). These bug reports go will go a long way to helping me or any other game developer improve.

19-Forty Hell: Best played in Fullscreen Broswer Mode (Press F11)


Controls: Go Into Options in Main Menu (Or Pause Menu Anytime) to change controls from Joypad/KeyBoard to Mobile

  • Move = -Keyboard- W,A,S,D or Arrows // -Mobile- One Screen Joystick // -Joypad- Left Joystick
  • Fire = -Keyboard- Space or Mouse // -Mobile- On Screen Fire Button Lower right // -Joypad- A,Y(Xbox) / Square / Triangle(PS)
  • Slow Down Throttle(1/3 Speed) = -Keyboard- Shift // -Mobile- Pressure sensitive // -Joypad- X(Xbox) / Circle(PS))
  • Pause = -Keyboard- ESC // -Mobile- Pause Button // -Joypad- Start(Xbox) Right Trigger(PS)

  • TO USE NUKE: Press E (Only available when Player is blinking brightly; Gif below)If one is able to get every Power Up available in the game (8 without being hit), you will activate the Nuke. This will instantly end the game ** FOR MOBILE: Button will only appear when you have unlocked the nuke. Don't fret.**



The year is 19 forty something and you were sent rogue mission to steal a top secret weapon that is codenamed "Nuke". The time is now as you are on the brink a global war breaking out at any moment. Your mission is to escape with the stolen weapon to save humanity from itself. The relentless enemies at power will stop at nothing to get there weapon back!

Escape with a stolen Nuke in 3 death defying levels in this fun vertical shmup!

Inspired by bullet hell games, this is a remix of the older Capcom series, 1940, that I was always a fan of :) Please leave me any feedback you may have, or anything you would like to see added. I am looking for helpful advice from each prospective of both player, as well as a fellow developer. Feel free to message me anytime.

Hope you enjoy! Many more games to be made new and fresh for you are on the way!

Soundtrack CC

Tips / Hints:

  • Base shot is not powerful, game is MUCH easier with power ups. Power Ups are key like in most shmups.
  • Power Up ships will drop a power up on death BUT they also will randomly drop power ups while flying around. If you time it out, you can get multiple power ups (2-3) from one. This means if you time it out and learn the patterns, you could get the beat the game with the Nuke in Level 2
  • Level 3 is hard BUT there are patterns and there is a special gap that one could hang out in sometimes and keep shooting their way out, with a less chance of being hit. Biggest tip for beating Level 3 is to carry over power ups from Level 1 or 2.

TO REPORT BUGS: Please DM me directly, with a brief explanation so I can fix it (Screenshots are huge). These bug reports will go a long way to helping me or any other game developer improve. You will be shouted out in the Path Notes.

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although some medals did not work after achieving a certain number of points, it is a pretty nice game

This is a pretty nice game for your second upload to NG! The graphics with parallaxed semi-transparent clouds and the glowing effects give a nice level of polish to the graphics. I felt like the controls for the player's plane felt less responsive than I would like for a shmup and like some inertia was deliberately coded into it (or IIRC maybe Unity has built-in parameters for it when you set up input handling?). While everything is subjective, I feel like most players would rather have the controls feel nice and responsive, and have the challenge come from all the enemies shooting at them than handling the floatiness. I also noticed that often if I hold down space to spam shooting then it would shoot continuously for a while but eventually stop after several / dozens of seconds -- using Chrome on Windows -- although it's not a big issue to have to release and re-press space. I admit I haven't made it far into the game, it's pretty tough ^,^

GraeBush responds:

I really appreciate the thoughtful feedback. :) Stuff like this is what I'm talking about. Helps me leaps and bounds.

Next time I will try to get playtesting from the community here first, instead of my non dev meatball friends lol. I added a stop to autofire on being hit, probably not the best idea.

I will apply all of this wonderful advice on my next shmup. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out and trying the game out.

Sorry it wasn't up to snuff, I am getting better little by little...

wahh controle with keybord bug for me and mobile control is no bug ... trying firefox and chrome control with mouse is best :(

GraeBush responds:

Thank you for letting me know. This is the first time I have heard of this issue, can you help me out and send me a DM explaining the issue to trouble shoot it? I would greatly appreciate it as I can fix the issue ASAP without misunderstandings.

Sorry you couldn't enjoy it.

Hell this is billiant plzzz keep up making games mate

i played touhou much, so this game is not hard to me (i can't complete level 1 help)

GraeBush responds:

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner. Was not sure if you were joking or not, but next time you are on here, please take a min and DM me a little explanation of the issue to help improve others experience. Thank you.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2021
11:26 AM EDT
  • Unity
  • Paint
Misc. Kit