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Cuby Adventure - Demo

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Author Comments

This game is being developed by me and my wife and when it's ready, we'll release it on steam.

If you like the game and want to support us, buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/grxgamestudio

Programmer: Lucas Souza

Designer: Thais Pospichil

Music: Tad (https://www.youtube.com/c/Tadon)

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You know, I like the aesthetics of the game, and the level design is overall pretty nice, it looks well polished. The control scheme however? A,D, Space, P.. That just sucks, I can't really fathom why you would choose that layout. First, a generally good rule when making a platformer, group the movement keys A=left, D=Right.. W=up or in your case Jump. It is just a more comfortable setup and I challenge you to find someone who isn't missing a finger that prefers space for jump in a 2d platformer. But that isn't the worst of it, many people use space for jump without giving the option for W, that doesn't make it right but it does make it normal. However, holding an additional key in an odd spot on the keyboard to cling to walls is neither normal or right.Typically in platform games you will automatically wall slide when you collide or you will wall slide if you continue holding the direction of the wall after contacting it. That is normal. If there was some other ability associated with this that you haven't introduced and wall sliding was more a side effect of that ability, I could see that, like changing your stickiness in other games (not dropping names). At least by the point I got fed up you had not introduced any such thing and the wall slide appears to be an isolated activity adding another key seems mostly without reason other than to annoy the player.

Furthermore as movement is concerned and others have mentioned in some instances jumping off and away from the wall seems to send you flying way, way too far. In others it stops you much shorter (and just shy of where you need to be). If I jump off a wall it should always be the same, and more often than not it should be similar to how I normally jump. That is how players judge how they play. When it is inconsistent it annoys the player and doesn't motivate them to continue playing.

In summary, pretty polished looking game, it looks like it could be really fun. Fix the annoying things and people will want to finish it, people may even want to buy it. Change the control scheme (better yet allow us to set our own, that way people playing on non QWERTY keyboards can also use it), make wall jumping reasonable and consistent, and either make wall sliding automatic or give us a really good reason why we have to push that button.

Pressing space causes the screen to scroll down on many browsers. Cool game though

Why is there a dedicated button to wall slide?

It's looking REALLY good! The graphics are Very nice and the music too (although maybe not the most appropriate for the plot). The controls are very nice, although I would make the jump that you make while sliding on a wall shorter and I would add another key to slide on a wall that's closer to A and D (maybe the best solution would be to simply hold the direction the wall is relatively to you, like in most games). Right now, having one hand to coordinate both jumping and sliding is kinda awkward

Pretty good game for construct
Graphics and music are lovely
I just wish there was an automatic wall slide or a slide button that wasn't P
If you're worried about the player wall sliding when they don't want to, make a setting to disable it
Really good game and I wish you and your wife good luck!

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2021
7:51 PM EDT