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Move - Left-Click or Arrows

Accept - Z, Enter, Left-Click

Cancel/Menu/Save - X, Right-Click

Run - Hold Shift


Imagine awakening in an unfamiliar setting with no recollection of how you got there. Your memories, possessions and most importantly your name have been stripped from you and all these things have been replaced with only a number to identify yourself.

Subsequently, you then meet a stranger who informs you that both of you have been chosen to participate in a game where survival is not guaranteed. A game where winning means everything and winning allows you to stay alive while losing equals death.

Main Characters

#3 - The veteran of the group. He only cares about survival and will do whatever it takes to escape.

#11 - A weird but selfless individual who feels that he has been chosen to compete in the Vanish experiment. Only time will tell if his selflessness will be his downfall.

#19 - The rookie and protagonist. He is the least experienced out the group which leaves him at a disadvantage, but not necessarily the weakest participant. He plans to do whatever it takes to not only survive, but to go after the individuals who left him imprisoned.

Side Characters

The Flock - A mysterious organization that is at the forefront of the Vanish experiment.

The Announcer - Very little is known about the announcer. The announcer usually speaks when the next game is starting or when she is giving results to the subjects.

The Supervisor - A high ranking member of the flock.


■ 30 minutes of game-play ■

■ Mystery & Horror RPG ■

■ Plot Twists ■

■ Puzzles & Minigames ■

■ Original Music ■

■ Inspired by Saw and Gantz ■

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Any new stuff after this?

Puzzles aren't my strong suit and neither is memory but I tried it anyways, it looked cool.
Guess who died on the first puzzle because he forgot where the letter T was located on the text.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Yeah some of the puzzles on this game can be a lil tricky, but thanks for the rating.

it was great it kind of reminded me of squid game

ZeroDigitZ responds:


Very interesting game so far.
Surprising twist on #14, I think?

That server puzzle at the end through me for a loop though. I figured from the hint it would be 11 who seemed nice. and 13 who died from shock. But I suppose that wasn't correct.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

In the diary from #14 she refers to #11 as weird. The person who she thinks is nice is #30.
The answer to the computer code should be 3013.

hey can I get a hint for the "escape" one? I can only get two blue circles to appear lol
Edit: nvm, figured it out. sometimes, you need to trust whats parrellel to you rather than what's perpendicular (this is probably a bad hint lol)
Edit 2: great game, please let me know when the next parts come out! Now for the real question, what's with file 1 through 17?

ZeroDigitZ responds:

The escape game can be kind of tricky.

I think the file 1 through 17 is the save file location. The game engine allows you to make up to 17 different save files.

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2021
10:35 PM EDT