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The Escape

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Author Comments

The Escape is a short game inspired in the levels of My Home and the music created for it, including new thematic music composed time later.

In this game, you appear in your own home, but the exit door is closed. Find a way to enter the trapdoor and travel to different levels inspired in My Home to find key fragments and rebuild your key. But once you escape your room, you haven't escaped totally yet...

This game was developed with RPG Maker MV.

Move with the arrows. Will you be able to escape?

Check My Home in my Itchio: https://anamura.itch.io/my-home

My Itchio: https://anamura.itch.io/


Candacis, Granny, Sevarihk, Roxy Gray, Biggislims, Fayforest, 

Diretooth, Crprisoner1978, Andinator

Music composed by Anamura, it belongs to the album My Home

Game developed by Anamura


To avoid frustrations about having to click everything to get the hidden items, here I write some tips so it is easier to find the items.

  • Trees, other vegetation stuff and rocks don't have any item. In city, objects like lamps also don't have any item. The only vegetation item that you need to find can be obtained in big vegetation object in the same place of the NPC.
  • Items are usually found in "suspicious" or "unique" objects. For example, if you enter a map with many similar objects but one different, most likely the item is going to be there.
  • Also pay attention to objects that are unique in that specific level. For example, if you can only find traffic cones in one level, this is a suspicious object to find an item.
  • Certain objects have clues about where you could find an item. For example, a skeleton saying that is missing a bone, it's a clue that there is an item to be found on skeletons in the ground.
  • Ship pieces are not in random objects, they are in very visible chests.



I had an idea for another mechanic and ending and so I updated the game. In this entry I also give some ending tips.

  • When you kill a NPC, you can steal their skills.
  • There are many endings considering options, but in general, there are 3 endings.
  • The 3 situations for endings are if you recruit NPCs, if you kill all NPCs and a secret space ending.
  • If you kill some NPCs but recruit even just one, the kill all NPCs ending won't trigger.



Crashes/Loading Issues

  • If you have loading issues or the game freezes, this might be because your browser or simply because RPG Maker MV is not completely well optimized to run as browser. I encourage you to download the game from Itchio if that's the case.

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The game is... alright. The items are in really random places and it's frustrating running around finding them. The food for the horse was in a literal traffic cone??? And there were some typos in the text as well.

Anamura responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I think the reactions of people related to how frustrating is getting the items is going to make me update some of my other games related to this mechanic. I don't plan to change this one since it's very short and the maps are very small, but if people feel frustrated in this game, better that I change this in my bigger games :) Sorry for the frustration, although the items are not exactly in random places, I let some clues in the description.

I got all the NPCs and even repaired the ship, but then, I got stuck at sea.

Anamura responds:

Not sure how to feel about this since the point of navigating in the sea is to make the player to feel confused since there is nothing to do there, but I tell you that at the sea the only thing you have to do is navigate to the borders as if you are going to another map. Sorry you got stuck!

crashed when reentering the building from the rooftop with helicopters on it. still good game tho
Edit: ok, it doesnt always crash. whenit did, i only had the ghost and the horse in my party (in that order) but it also doesnt crash when within those parameters. Also, where do i find the CD?
Edit 2: Ok, figured out that the map probably doesnt do anything, and that what the car says when giving you the map is the hint. still cant find the cd tho, lol.
Edit 3: cool, i see a familiar postal service hating lawyer.

Anamura responds:

This must be definitely problem of the browser/rpgmaker response, I've tested the game in different pcs and I never crashed :/ so sorry to hear that people is getting crashes :( thanks for comenting!

Yeah, the car driver says you a hint about how to use the map, you don't need to use the map item as it is since it's just an item like the others, the map kind of unlock that you interact with the next stage of the puzzle :)
Cd is at the space map, there is only 1 kind of objects to interact in there, you need to find the correct one :) Tip: there is a secret ending in the space map, be sure to save the game before you find it :P

Not bad, but it's a click-fest.

Anamura responds:

I agree, thank you for giving a try! I've tried a fast run to see in how much time you can complete the game if you know the locations of stuff and you ignore NPCs, you can finish the game in just 5m :D

The game started out promising, but the more I played it the more frustrating it got. Item locations have no rhyme or reason, resorting to clicking everything and everywhere with no underlying logic. I eventually gave up on the ship.

The music is nice through. Needs a better game to go with it.

Anamura responds:

Thank you! I can understand about it being frustrating. Although you did very well since finding the ship parts is extremely easy, part of the joke of the game, if you talked with the captain. I encourage you to try again - the ship parts are not in random objects. Check chests :) I guess I should make a guide for the game :D

PS: I just added some tips to find the items in the description.

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2021
12:47 PM EDT